Project stand out is focused to solve the problem 'poverty' with the help of technology.Its goal is to 
minimize the uneven distribution of resources to turn a burden of population into a blessing of workforce.

Let's get the idea with some scenarios...

        Zahedul Islam, a USA immigrant from Bangladesh, is a successful software developer. He wants to help his impoverished country via an authentic source. Using Stand Out he makes a yearly donation for his native people.


        Lipi, a young girl from a poor family, could not continue her studies after high school. But she cooked pretty well and dreamt to set up her own restaurant once. She applied for a donation from Stand Out using her mobile. At first she was appointed as a trainer in a cooking course and received first portion of her donation. During training period she managed to get some orders from task management section. She started selling home-made foods in small scale. After the training period was over, she carried her service even better. By providing good feedback, she managed to receive rest of the required donation to start a small cafe of her own. Today she is a successful entrepreneur and employed 12 other girls in her restaurant.

        Salma Akhter, a middle-aged housewife, is recently facing myopia. She can’t use her sewing machine any more. From her son she comes to know about Stand Out and decides to lend this machine to a slum-dweller of nearby region. Despite of the scanty monthly income from her lent machine, the thought of self-employment of another woman makes her quite happy.


    Abid, a 21 year old undergraduate student of Dhaka University. Recently he is enjoying a long vacation as his term final exam is over. He along with some of his friends now works as volunteer of Stand Out in a literacy project for street children of his locality.

Do you like to be one of them? 
-Are you willing to help someone?Do you want to change someone's life?  
-Do you need some financial help, but don't know where to ask for it?
-Do you know anyone who is in need for help?

If any of the questions is answered true for you, you are in the right place :)
We would appreciate if you leave a comment here. Your words are needed for the development of the project.

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