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Welcome to the archives for the Livejournal Bleach-based AU RP Stand in Heaven. This site is maintained by the Stand in Heaven mods: Mei, Sasha, and Tsuki. In here you will find the previous steps from the gamean continuously updated source of everything that has been done in game. If there are any problems, or you have any questions, feel free to contact us as standinheaven(at)deathonly(dot)com.


01 (Thursday, August 17th):: The Recovery

It's been three days since our heros left Soul Society for Karakura town. The shinigami are starting to rebuild their somewhat damaged city, and attempting to adjust to life knowing that three of their own betrayed them. The holes the three traitorous captains left are felt deeply by all, and none are left uneffected in their wake.

02 (Saturday, August 19th):: The Attack

The Karakura residents are clinging to their last days of summer, but unfortunately, they are not destined to peaceful and relaxing times. Arrancar attack, revealing the presence of the mysterious Vizoreds. Meanwhile, a Shinigami Women's Association meeting is called in Seireitei, while Menos Grande attack Rukongai.

03 (Wednesday, August 23rd):: The Inquisition

A captain's meeting is called in Seireitei, to address the issue of Aizen Sousuke's plots as well as the presence of Vizoreds in Karakura. In Hueco Mundo, the Arrancar have a talk with the enigmatic Ichimaru, and after school certain people find themselves in the company of some rather odd people.

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