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Did Calvin Murder Servetus? 

My first book was Did Calvin Murder Servetus? (DCMS) You can preview in full view at No limitations. You can read reviews at this link hosted on this website.

If after you read DCMS, you now treat Jesus as your teacher, not Calvin, and you look for confirmation in Jesus's words for all your doctrine, then my personal objective in Did Calvin Murder Servetus? is achieved.

My Reason for DCMS

The case proves that Calvin is just a man. He is brilliant at times, but at other times he is blasphemous. Predestination doctrine, as expounded in Reformed churches, often is a highly dangerous doctrine. God can foresee and have it all planned out without causing everything to necessarily happen, good and evil. All the other issues of the 5 points belong in the category of interesting contentions unless Jesus clearly expresses them, in which case they are unassailable truth. But the only contention we must strenuously resist is the one that says, as Calvin repeatedly said, God causes all actions, murders, rapes, lying, and neither man nor Satan has free-will. Such a god would be indistinguishable from the Devil himself. Calvin repeatedly whitewashed his contention by adding "but God remains above every taint." That assertion was merely an ad hoc statement, i.e., a just-so illogical statement that does not wash away the taint upon God's good character.

This is thoroughly discussed at page 433 et seq. of Did Calvin Murder Servetus?

In my experience for over 15 years in a Reformed Congregation, the only reason this idea was held onto despite its obvious implication (i.e., blasphemy) was the elevated view of Calvin as a virtual infallible teacher. Any attack on his ideas was considered an attack on a hero that is virtually worshipped. But Jesus is our Lord, not Calvin. And any doctrine that deprecates from viewing God as GOOD is the sine qua non definition of blasphemy. It cannot be correct, no matter who uttered it, whether Calvin or anyone else. Reminding ourselves that Calvin was just a man, capable of deliberate murder, and deceptive efforts to cover it up, is a good reminder so that we HEAR with critical ears what Calvin wrote.

Blessings to all in Christ.

Standford Rives, Esq.

"He who attempts to overcome evil with evil, may perhaps surpass his enemy in doing injury, but it is to his own ruin; for by acting thus, he carries on war for the devil." (John Calvin, Commentary on Romans, 12:20-21.)

P.S. As a final amends to do justice to Servetus, I have issued what I believe would have been the ruling on appeal had it been granted. See "Ruling on Appeal" below.

Original Gospel of Matthew

My subsequent book Original Gospel of Matthew is described at this link on my website.