Welcome to Standard II

Ms. Crawford

Please find some reminders Below:

September 20th, we will celebrate Patriotic Day, Class will be dismissed at 11:00 am.

Available Meeting Days with the Teacher:

  • Tuesday's 2:15-3:30
  • Wednesday's 2:15-3:30
  • ******Please note that visits before class in the morning or during class is not recommended********

Kindly send an email to arrange meetings in advance.

In the case of an emergency meeting, kindly contact the office line to make arrangements at 224-5383.

Updated this week!

Grades are posted on the Chalk Website (The link for chalk is below the home page)

Home work.





Class Updates:
- Art activities are on Friday's , please provide your child with a T-shirt to be used during art. The T-shirt will be kept at school and sent home on Friday's to be washed and returned the following Monday.

Every week a new VIP student is awarded with great class privileges such as:

Access/extra time in the learning center(the center has educational games, including interactive games on a Tablet)

Lunch date with a friend under the tent.

Teacher's helper

Show and tell Privileges.

VIP status must be earned by practicing kindness, growth mindset, team work, staying on & completing task and overall good behavior in the class room.

***********VIP'S THIS WEEK************

Alejandro Palomo

Jon Pierre Bou-Nahra

Liam Musa

Lanae Blease