Standard Humanism
The Bible of Humanity:
Standard Humanism & Worldwide Standard Human Society

The bright & brilliant world of the 3rd millennium!

Standard Humanism (15th September 2010 Mysore – India); The New International and Humanistic Belief of The 3rd Millennium! Covering all the aspects of human life and potential to bring peace justice... To change human life from its primitive nature of now to the advanced one

Founded by Dariush Ghasemian Dastjerdi

with the slogan of:
We need the best world, because we are the best human beings, seven billion human beings, all human beliefs....

To human unity and elimination of the ignorance and oppression

of "the Satanic 10%" in human societies!

Standard Humanism is a kind of belief system! Which:

1 – Spreads to public life thru believe in its 5 principles….

2 – Thru the NGOs of Standard Humanism works officially.

3 – By establishing "Worldwide Standard Human Society" - in the place of UN - changes and purifies human life of mankind!


If Just One of You Realizes and Supports "Standard Humanism" The Bright Changes in Human Life Would Start!

Headquarters of Standard Humanism

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