We can make plain knife sheaths or embellish them as below examples.  Plain, i.e with no tooling, from £48.00, embellished from £55.00, depending on construction, choice of stitching/ thonging style and tooling complexity.  As each knife is different we do not hold any sheaths in stock, available to order only.




A stout sheath for an archer that also fishes - hence the Celtic heron.
Probably the nicest knife, but very difficult to make a sheath for.  We are pleased with the final design.  Can't help wondering what sort of sheath the Vikings would have had for this pattern of knife?  Possibly they would have wrapped it in a piece of leather - tried that, got cut fingers.  This sheath works!

 discreet sheath for a small hand knife - to match a belt bag already supplied fully tooled.  Made from one piece of leather with a steamed inner case.

A very similar sheath for an unremarkable but favorite knife.  Made from one piece of heavily waxed leather, the return on the hilt fits snugly into the scabbard.


The Tudors - amongst others - did not like their leatherwork too discreet,  colour was their decoration of choice.  This scabbard has been tooled and coloured to the archers request. 
He later decided he would like to carry an axe for Field archery, which seems like a sensible idea really, but it was - interesting - trying to make it match the knife sheath.   


The spec for this sheath was to make it easy to remove from a belt and to appear more like a pouch than an obvious knife.  The belt straps unbuckle to take off belt without removing other belt goods. 



Not not our usual style, but this is a damascas knife to a pattern used by the early American Frontiers men and had to be in keeping.  Chamois cover over a stout case with Jay wing feathers and bone beads for decoration. 


A belt mounting sheath for a wide, folding knife.  To match/go with the Pioneer Knife quiver above

Soft belt scabbard for a custom folding knife with a thong keeper to anchor the tang when not in use.  Decorated with bone beads and Jay's feathers as the owners intitial is 'J'