Repairs/alterations, prices reflect the complexity/time and materials.




A treasured ammo belt that had belonged to the owners Grandfather, but it hadn't aged well.  The owner did not want it restored for use, just repaired. 
We fitted a new strap, reusing the original stitching holes and staining it all to match. 
This side quiver just would not hang as the archer wished and regually dumped all its contents at her feet.  We removed the original belt loop and replaced with straps.  It now sits well and even through a double clout didn't drop any arrows.  

The repair was effected re-using the leather salvaged from the original, adding rings and rivetts to match and a D ring to the top. 
This was another quiver that was proving impractical.  We added an adjustable shoulder strap with intergral plaiting, stained and textured to match the original.   Shown here with the new back strap before the original belt strap was removed. 


This quiver was originally a two strap design but the straps had worn thin and were proving a nuisance.  We fitted a new, shaped shoulder strap, repaired a tear in the body and fitted straps to anchor a removable knife sheath.   All stained to match.