Clout/Roving Tassel
Wool mixture tassel made with a minimum of one ball of yarn.  Made over a 1" metal ring with an adjustable thong for attachment.  Top is dressed with a one piece, intergrally plaited leather hood to keep the whole thing tidy.  Many colours available from stock.
8 1/2" inches long.  £7.40

Adjustable velcro fastening, 2 - 3 layers of clothing grade leather fingers to eliminate friction.  Case leather stiffening rivetted to palm for stability.  Medium-juniors and most ladies.  Large or X Large fits most men.  Often available from stock.  £8.75


Bow String Case. 
To keep your spare string safe and clean.  Resiliant enough to tuck into your quiver.  Triple loop thonging, variety of colours.  Usually available from stock.



Yes.  It's a target.   
No, it's not what you are used to - unless you started in archery more than three decades ago.... it's a 24", paper backed hessian face.   It lasts well and makes the most satisfying thunk when you score a hit.  Available from stock.   £7.50 




Score Pad Holders. 
Either plain or decorated, can be tooled as required.  Includes chicargo screws for fixing pad, pencil and intergral  hand loop for ease of holding whilst recording your scores.  Belt loop to match available seperately with brass swivel trigger hook.

Plain £9.60

Embellished £12.20 

Custom tooled from £14.00

Belt loop £3.60

Knuckle Guard
Even the most carefully applied fletching, especially a new one, can graze or cut your knuckle and its enough to put you off your shot.   This guard, cunningly cut so that it wraps around you hand when holding a bow is soft, comfortable enough to forget about and very effective.  Available in small, medium and large.  It could save you a fortune in plasters.  Different colours and thicknesses available, right or left handed, hand stitched. 
£4.50 p&p 30p