A design/letters impacted onto veg tanned leather or heated into it with a pre-formed punch.
Detail - fine lettering on a bracer, letters 10mm high

We are inclined to call this a seamless seam - because we can apply another leather piece to the face of an srticle without any edges showing, just a neat row of thonging that looks like a plait.   It works very well with either three or five loop thonging.

Welt stitched.  Two edges joined edge to edge with no overlap.  In this quiver the leather is rigid so a two stitch technique has been used to give a zig zag.



Triple loop thonging, covers a cut edge or seam, from above the thong forms a three way plait that conceals cut edges, very strong, flexible and attractive.





Five loop thonging.  Worked with a continuous length of thong, this is one of the most complicated and time consuming edge finishes - but it looks great.





Carved and tooled.  Design is cut around then the back ground is depressed to raise design.  This can only be worked on veg. tanned leather - seen here un-dyed 

Dyed/gilded detail:

Carved, tooled and dyed (full black)