Standard Bracer
Shaped to allow movement.  To fit a right handed archer unless otherwise stated.
Small is suitable for juniors, ladies and slight gentlemen.  Medium suits most men.  Large for the bigger humans.  Those marked very stiff are usually too stiff for a junior or lady.  Elasticated cord version is held in ski loops on one side and hooks across to the other, the length of the cord is easily adjusted to suit. 
*New*  2 smaller sizes:  X Small for small ladies and well built youngsters, an even smaller one that we have called 'T' size for Tinies, Thin people, Tots and other small persons.  Also available on request, X Large.  I think we have covered all sizes now..... 

A variety of thicknesses,colours and sizes in stock. 

Leather thong version hooks over from side to side with the tail fed back or looped over.  £12.50 


Tudor Bracer
Based on the bracers from the Mary Rose, hand tooled leather with a wooden strip stiffener, lined with suede.  Brass fittings.  One size, approx 5 1/2 inches high.  Plain or embossed.  Usually some in stock in various hues.


Detail of embossed dragon



Tooled/embossed Bracer
To virtually any design, this was commissioned by our favorite bowyer, the image is based on a Saxon stone carving.
Prices from £25.00

 This design £58.00



Another custom bracer - featuring celtic dogs, based on an illuminated text detail.  This two panel configeration is ideal for those with a tendancy to (occasionally) strike their bracer.  Small to medium £52.00.  To order only.



 Medieval style bracer with a celtic wolf and the archers name in runes.






Our Standard bracer in thick veg tan with the archer's sybol tooled in.  Extra rivits to the sides for decoration.


  To see more examples of custom bracers go to    tooling