Last updated March 2018




Rivetted Belt
Stout belt with edge line and bevelled edges.   Solid brass buckle, brass rivett design to give a low profile, sturdy decoration.  1 1/2" wide.  34" + long.  Often in stock.  From £29.00



Artisan Belts.

Solid cast or old stock (therefore strong and long lasting) buckles on individually hand made belts in a variety colours and sizes all made of resiliant leathers always in stock.  Please email with required length, colour and I'll send you images of those currently available.  Most £29.00  Lifetime (that's my life time) guarenteed.




Fully tooled Belt 

From £86.00
Buckle designs will vary.




And just to prove we have a wide and varied clientel -
This might look like a very ordinary belt, but its not.  It is 48" (1.2m) long and 61/2" (165mm) wide, made for Father Chrismas.  Possibly not the real Father Christmas, but definately one of his better tribute acts.

Well, if only the best will do then this has to be the most understated belt possible.  Five loop thonging over its whole length makes this belt reassuringly expensive, but unique.  To order only.



Example -  Custom Belt
Two part belt with ornate over loops, customers own buckle.
Tooling detail:

Cost?  It will depend on the amount of work/time involved but it will be reassuringly expensive....