This rucksack type bag with tooled flaps was a commission.  Available (untooled) in colours/hides to order from £285.00.  Please email for current colours available.




Drawstring Pouch
For precious or easily mislaid items.  Leather cord fastening can be fixed to belt/quiver etc.  Illustrated is a navy, clothing grade leather bag 3" tall when closed. 


Drawstring Belt Pouch. 
5 1/4" high, opens up fully.  Belt loop on the stiffer back, very soft, clothing grade leather to front - except it has been upgraded... now with an elasticated drawstring cord and a chromed turn button fastening.
£26.00 (small), long £34.00



Belt Pouch
From £38.00 plain.  Tooled to order.


Document bag to take A4 papers.  Optional belt loops or carry handle, net to front face for an optional extra.  Very robust construction to protect paperwork/score sheets etc.  From £86.00 plain. 

Stout case for specs, tools etc.  Can be fitted with belt loops.  Available tooled or plain.  From £52.00 plain

Bow String/Fountain pen Case. 
Resiliant enough to tuck into your quiver.  Triple loop thonging, variety of colours.   Plain from £8.00

Specs cases.  By request - spec cases that can either be shoved into a pocket/bag, hung from a swivel hook on your belt or quiver or put onto a strap or belt.  These two feature burnt in designs.  Decorated, available from stock in a variety of colours and designs £18.00
The fixing on the back features a loop and a ring for choice of fastening:
Leather Case.
Originally designed for pencils this all leather case with a wrap around leather strap to close is 8" (20cm) high with a diameter of 3" (7.5cm).   This wholly practicle case is also suitable for brushes, small tools etc and appropriate for re-enenactment.  Usually available from stock.  
Plain £29.00