By popular request - our new designs and tryouts:  Up dated March 2014


Hard to visualise the scale of this. 
Its a modern take on the traditional briefcase.  Takes A3 (2x A4) folders or document boxes with room for other 'stuff'.  Adjustable shoulder strap, rigid handle with strap fixings.  Shown here in lightly waxed veg tan with a monogram to the bottom corner.  Wholly functional and built to last, hand stitched seams  throughout.  Top stiffened with 5mm thick veg tan strip internally.  Could be made in almost any colour/type of leather as long as it was rigid and firm enough to keep its shape but straps may need to be from a different leather if it is not flexible enough.  
From £280.00 depending on your choices of design/construction/leathers.  Other current designs:

Not sure why its taken us so long to think of this, perhaps because we all have cats at present?  Any way, its not just a dog collar, its sensible decoration.  Size, fittings and designs to your choice.  


The ultimate in casual bags, a small leather rucksack with tooled flaps and wholly thonged seams.  We've used straps into double D rings instead of buckles.  
From £285.00 depending on your choices of design/construction/leathers

Probably the nicest knife, but very difficult to make a sheath for.  We are pleased with the final design.  Can't help wondering what sort of sheath the Vikings would have had for this pattern of knife?  Possibly they would have wrapped it in a piece of leather - tried that, got cut fingers.  This sheath works!