Legislatures: Congress and the States

Internet links related to the U.S. Congress


  • Congress.gov: Legislative information from the Library of Congress (an agency of the U.S. Congress)
  • House of Representatives: Web site of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Senate: Web site of the U.S. Senate
  • C-SPAN: The public affairs channel on cable (web site has streaming video/audio and links to a range of information)
News Outlets Covering Congress:
In addition to general news sites, the following provide intensive coverage of Congress and congressional politics:
Other Data Sources on Congressional Policy Making
Voteview--Dr. Keith Poole, University of Georgia
GovTrack  (Civic Impulse, LLC)

State Legislatures

Pennsylvania General Assembly: Main portal to the Pennsylvania General Assembly, including House and Senate bills, committees, and members

Party Caucus pages:
News Coverage, In addition to general news sites:
  • PoliticsPA--independent reporting and links to other news outlets around Pennsylvania
  • PLS Reporter--public access news from Pennsylvania Legislative Services (PLS)
Data Sources on Pennsylvania
Roll call votes: PennsylvaniaVotes.org (Commonwealth Foundation)
Policy documents database: Pennsylvania Policy Database (Temple U.)

News coverage of legislative politics and public policy in various states: