Interest Groups

Examples of interest group organizations: Below are links to several national interest group organizations. It provides a broad array of examples, but the list does not by any means include all existing organizations. The organizations are classified by their type of membership, the two broad types being economic groups and public interest groups. Economic groups can be classified into business, labor, professional/occupational, and "other"--students, seniors, and various types of public officials all have interest group representatives. Public interest groups, sometimes called citizen groups or issue groups, can be classified according to the particular kinds of issues they address.

Economic Interest Groups


Peak Associations (business, across sectors)

Trade associations (business, within sectors)


Labor Unions

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

Some AFL-CIO member unions:

Change to Win Coalition

Change to Win member unions:


Professional Associations



Governments and Government Officials

Public Interest Groups (a.k.a. Citizen Groups or Issue Groups)

Government Reform

Gun Control/Gun Rights

Abortion and Reproductive Planning


Civil Liberties

Civil Rights

AIDS policy


International Human Rights

Environmental Protection


Government Regulation/Free Enterprise

Arms Control/Foreign Affairs

Immigration Control

Consumer Groups

Animal Issues

Federal Budget Priorities

Ideological Groups



Christian Family Issues

“Think Tanks”