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Stan's Short Stories

These are short stories, some from books I've written.  You may post one to your blog if you'd like.  These stories are free, but if you would like to support my writing, my Paypal email is

Gorba's Moccasins this is from Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections

Old Henrietta this is from Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections

Why Joe Had Only One Wife  this is from Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections

Rogue World  this won third place in a contest

The Orange Trees of Los Angeles recollections cir. 1958

The Hardware Store  a dark modern day story

A Boy and a Dog  a dark post apocalypse story

Useful Ways to Use Zombies  post apocalypse humor

The Real American  a parable from the Bible.  No, wait...

Jessica Saves the International Space Station A little SF

The Tube Baby  ever read Brave New World?

The Valentine's Day Surprise  A rose by any other name...

The Choice  what does a man want in a woman?

Trouble in Paradise  when the tsunami water are rising...

San, the Amphibian  a sentient's life

The Qrim Chieftain  a Princess scorns a barbarian

Encounter with a Werewolf  what's that I smell?

Quantum People  we are all the same

Old Friends, New Friends  this is where it begins

New Friends  or are they?

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