Inter-Dimensional Time Travel

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Barak Obama

Barak Obama was usually successful in a variety of dimensions.  In some, he was elected either to the House of Representatives, the Senate, Governor of Illinois, Governor of Hawaii, Ambassador to the United Nations, and even President of the United States.
Other variations of this man have become CEO's of successful enterprises and basketball stars in the NBA, especially for the Chicago Bulls.
The variations achieving the most success are those in which he became President of the United States during an economic crisis.  In some of these these variations, he was instrumental in passing a comprehensive health care bill followed by a three year deferment of environmental impact statements related to infrastructure development.  He was roundly criticized by political elements on the left and the right for these achievements, but historians credit the twin bills for boosting the economy of the United States, so that when the inevitable showdown with China occurred, the United States was able to meet that challenge from a position of economic strength and resolve the crisis peacefully.