About Stan and Rene

At an average college on an average day in an average week in September, 1975, a man named Stan Morris asked for volunteers for a project he was working on.  A young teenage girl came up to where he was sitting and knelt down beside his chair, thus inadvertently showing off a little more thigh than she should have.

Stan took one glance up that skirt and said to himself, "What an intelligent and remarkably organized girl this is."  Well, no, what he muttered was, "Yum, yum."  And so began the story of Stan and Rene.  

It was your typical vile-seducer-of-an-innocent story.  Poor Stan, er, I mean, Rene.  Sly innocent seeming gifts were followed by wicked demands until one night... well, you know where this story is headed.  A howl of triumph, some painful tears and then (gasp)...........