See an interview I gave to Liliya Chain at Naked Aesthetic.

Bloggers and Website Operators - Let your readers download a highly rated FREE book.  Surviving the Fog has over 445 five star reviews from Amazon.com, Amazon.uk, Smashwords, B&N, iTunes, and other ebook sites.  I'll be happy to provide you with the latest version, just email at warmhawaiian@gmail.com .  I'll reply to your email with attachments in the formats of your choice; epub, mobi, azw, pdf, etc.

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January on the Farm.  Snow on Mount Haleakala

Blogger Sally Cronin gave me some space at her website.  Take a look.  https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/five-star-treatment-surviving-the-fog-by-stan-morris/

Blogger Silvara Wilde read and reviewed Kathy's Recollections.  Check out her great website here;

Chris Graham has a great site that features indie authors.  Here is his feature about my books.

Megan Cyrulewski has the best blog photo of her and her child.  I did an interview with her.

Here is another character interview, this time with Kathy, at Pat Bertram's website.

Character interviews are so much fun.  Here is one by Sarah Talmaiz that I did with blogger/author Alexandre Butcher at Library of Erana.

Author Spotlight at TG Franklin

Sunshine Book Promotions is a new promotion site.  Here is their page for Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections.

Here is a character interview with Ashley Thurber from Sam's Winnings.  These are a lot of fun.

I'm proud to announce that I am a part of the Sci-Festival at Chele Cooke's blog.  Here is the interview I did with her.

Ali Crean's website, All The Things Inbetween, has a couple of pages posted about my work and about me.  I found her one of the most thought provoking bloggers I have ran across.
Indie Word Slinger
Weekend Pick Me Up

I wrote a short Tales of the Ragoon story, called Rehabilitation and Punishment.  You can find it at Post-Apocalyptic Forums or at The Book Joint.

I've done quite a few interviews lately.  Here is one by Mary Senoza.

I was interviewed by Christy Campbell at You Read it Here First.

What if your son was arrested for gambling away your daughter?  One of the more interesting developments in book promotion are character interviews.  Another development expands on this.  The Looking Glass created by Jefferson Smith is an online imaginary ezine that carries stories that are supposedly from the books they are promoting.  It gives a reader the opportunity to learn a little about what is inside the book.  Here is a Looking Glass story based on Sam's Winnings.
The Looking Glass

Here is the cover for my latest book at Amazon.

This book is 99cents and you can purchase it here.

Garrett Robinson, owner and editor of Unbelivable News.org has created a unique website that promotes books by printing news articles supposedly from the characters in the books.  Very interesting, check it out.

Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections has received a very  thoughtful review from Rebecca Engleman.  It was posted at Amazon, Goodreads, and at her blog, Sister Sinister Speaks.  And she is a great artist to book, er... I mean boot.  Check out her black and white lions with the colored eyes.


This is a free brand new anthology with stories by various Smashwords authors.  It's a free book and you can find it here.

My short story Stony Faces has been posted at The Writer's Drawer.

Check out the interview I did with blogger/author Alexandre Butcher at Library of Erana.

To read a complete version of New Friends, click here.
To read the New Friends stories in chapter form start here.

You will find Zach Tyo's review of Sarah's Spaceship Adventure here.

Deadwood Stan

Phoenix J.  posted some info about Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections.


I have finished the short story San, the Amphibian.

If you are into adult romance try Michelle Abbott's website.  I did an interview there.


I have completed the first chapter of a new Surviving the Fog book.  It's called Surviving the Fog-Douglas Lives.

One of my short stories was featured at Mysti Parker's website.  Ever wonder where werewolves come from?

Jacob's Tale is a downloadable 10 minute reading from Chapter Two  Alone (and Afraid)


Survivng the Fog-Kathy's Recollections is now live at Amazon

This is a short piece from Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections

I don’t recall, exactly, when I accepted the likelihood that my mother, and my father, and my sister, and my brother were dead.  I remember gradually becoming alarmed when the Camp Administrator, who we called ‘the Admin,’ did not return with the counselors who had left with her.  And I think that the first time I cried was the morning when Jackie, the single remaining adult, would not leave her cabin.  I must have begun to face the truth when Jacob told us about the fog covering the land below us, but it was sometime after that when I realized that I would never see my family again.  I was alone in a dangerous world, trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by a deadly mist, and surrounded by strangers I had never met before that fateful month of May.

Rene and I, a long , long, time ago, in a galaxy far,...

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