Selling Stamp Collections

Old Stamps Value

The market for postage stamps is not a formal market in the sense that there are established trading prices for postage stamps and lots of stamps to be bought and sold. Stamp values do not change much over time and tend to follow the laws of supply and demand.   Indications of old stamps value can be discerned from a stamp catalogue which provides the retail price one might expect to pay from a stamp dealer for a particular postage stamp and can be quite different from true market value and resale value.  To determine the best way of how to sell stamp collection, it's often best to develop an appreciation for different varieties of stamps in the collection and stamp values vis-à-vis the desires of the stamp buyers and the needs of the stamp sellers.

Stamp Collection Value

Depending on the the stamp collection, whether it be a U.S stamp collection, Europa stamp collection or foreign stamp collection, the most valuable stamps in the collection will, to a great degree, determine the overall stamp collection value.   To maximize stamp collection value, it is therefore important to have the necessary resources available to properly identify and inspect the most valuable stamps.  A stamp collection appraisal focuses on the most exemplary stamps in a collection as top prices are reserved for only the best specimens of rare and valuable stamps.  A stamp price guide or online stamp catalogue can serve as a reference for identifying varieties of individual postage stamps and their values.

Stamp Collection Buyers

Finding a local stamp collector is probably the best and most straight forward way to sell a stamp collection.  Local stamp collectors can be found through local stamp club listings or by visiting stamp shows and exhibitions in your area.  If there is a need to sell a stamp collection quickly, stamp dealers are in the business to buy and sell stamps.  Dealers follow the market for stamps and seek out specific stamps for which there is a demand.  A dealer's stamp collection appraisal will oftentimes be based more on the value of the stamps the dealer knows can be sold quickly rather than true philatelic value.  Online stamp auctions represent another alternative for finding stamp collection buyers.  Stamp auctions sites each have their own terms of sale and conditions and what fees are due to the stamp auction website for selling stamp collections and stamp lots.