wish list

Not so much a 'wish list' - a lot of these items are essentials for setting up and running the cafe. If you can help with anything on the list, please email contact@second-helpings.org.uk; thank you.

Set of sharp colour coded knives stored on a magnetic knife holder attached to the wall
Metal Balloon Whisk
Bain Marie - (We already have the gastro pans for this type)
3 x Digital thermometers for fridges and freezers (magnetic fits on outside with probe inside so that you can read temp without having to open)
Rubber Gloves (strong marigolds for washing up and cleaning ovens)
Fish slice (silicone)
Spatula (silicone)
Garlic Crusher
Large white chopping board
Large green chopping board
Freezer bags
Food storage bags
Chalk pens for menu board
CD player
3 Small Vases
Once the cellar has been plastered and painted we could do with:
Storage racking
Worktop with a cupboard underneath.