If YOU have some spare time and would like to help in any way, please email: contact@second-helpings.org.uk

Some of our volunteers:-

Andy Fyall – Project Executive

Jo Kemp – Project Manager
I am really excited to take on the challenge of managing our own version of a Junk Food Café as it perfectly combines my knowledge and experience in managing projects, engaging with people on issues of sustainability, whilst also tackling the massive issue of food waste and food poverty.  It is such a great opportunity for us to do something fundamentally game-changing in our local area – diverting completely unnecessary food waste, working with our community on how we can collectively take action and providing what we hope will be delicious meals for those who need it most.

Tricia Lipton – Project Manager
I am delighted to be involved with this very exciting project.  It marries my love of food and my hate of waste perfectly!  I have done many things in my life including running two pubs (The George in Oundle and the Northwick Arms in Ketton) as well as playing a leading role in the setting up and opening of the Barrowden Community Shop. From these ventures I bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to share around our ‘Café Table’.  Stamford has a wonderful sense of community and working together we can and we will make a difference.

George Hetherington – Project Co-ordinator
Inspired by a feature on BBC's “Songs of Praise” programme about The Real Junk Food Café in Leeds, I took the idea to our church and members of the Fairtrade Town Group.  The enthusiasm for such a scheme resulted in the Church making time, space and facilities available and the project was off the ground.  At first I was enthused by the thought of helping those in food poverty, with benefit problems and the lonely. As I learned more I became acutely aware of the urgent need to save food from going to landfill.  Worldwide there is enough food going to waste (1.3 billion tons) to feed all those now living permanently in a state of hunger.  The response and offers of help, expertise and equipment from the community via social media has been staggering.

Paul Biggins – web design
I'd previously done work for George on the Stamford Fairtrade Town web site, and when he asked me to develop this site, I couldn't think of a reason not to! I've worked on a wide range of charity and not-for-profit web sites, and strongly believe that initiatives such as this will raise awareness of food waste and food poverty and do something positive and imaginative to help ensure no one goes hungry - not a bad objective in a wealthy country in the 21st Century.

Ruth Jamieson – graphic design

Donna Dunseath 
When I heard about this exciting project, I saw this as an ideal opportunity for me to help the community at the same time as doing my bit to prevent food waste.  It also fits in with my varied lifestyle, so I can volunteer as and when I am available, rather than having a long-term commitment to fixed days of the week.  

Miriam Webb

Angela Hyde

Rachel Ing

Audrey Hensman
After being introduced to the Real Junk Food concept at the Cafe in Armley, Leeds I am completely sold on the idea of building this local project. The challenge of feeding the world, but beginning with your own town makes sense from any point of view!