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9th January 2016

Guest chef (hiding in the background ) -WO1 STEVE WHITBY, Poacher Regiment, Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore. Thank you, Steve.
Roast pork and all the trimmings or vegetable pasta - all rescued from going to landfill.

19th December 2015

The superb cakes were baked by WO2 Steve Whitby from St Kendrew Barracks and used for a cake decorating competition, 3 of which were donated.

Steve has also kindly offered to cook for us next year once a month or so which is going to be a massive help.

31st October 2015

23rd October 2015
Pay As You Feel cafes are springing up all over the country thanks to the vision and drive of Adam Smith, founder of the first Real Junk Food Café in Armley Leeds. Adam has appeared on TV stations nationally and abroad  such has been the interest in a movement whose aim is to save food waste. 
Adam Smith will be coming to Stamford on Saturday 7th November for the official launch of 'second helpings- stamford'.
Adam Smith, a trained chef, will help to prepare the meal for the 100 guests attending on a PAYF basis., assisted by a willing team of volunteers from the area.
Local singer songwriter Brooke Peverell will be providing the entertainment prior to our guest speaker, you've guessed it, Adam Smith. "I want to feed the world"  are Adam's words but don't count on the Real Junk Food movement not achieving those aims there is amazing interest from around the world in what is happening.
The Launch of 'second helpings stamford' will take place at 6.30 for 7pm on Saturday 7th November. Venue Stamford Methodist Church, Barn Hill, PE92AE. Adam is expected to help start cooking at approximately 15.00hrs.
For more information: George Hetherington e., t 01780 757439 m 07891 437914

10th October 2015
Our second Saturday:

9th October 2015
In the News! BBC TV 'LOOK NORTH' coming to visit second helpings today. Look out for us in the High Street talking to donors of food with their reporter. The programme / report will hopefully be broadcast on Saturday.

5th October 2015
Second Helpings Stamford has to date rescued / saved 380.145kg of food that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

3rd October 2015
What a day we had there is no other way of describing it other than an overwhelming SUCCESS.

We fed lots of people, all age groups all walks of life just as we hoped for.

Feed back has been incredibly positive so I think we are on the right track but need a few tweaks.  We are learning all the time about what works and what doesn't and we need to keep an open mind and make the changes to improve things for both the customer experience and the volunteer experience too.

One thing for sure is we need more hands on deck each week, we need multiple volunteers for many of the roles (especially the kitchen washer up and runner roles) maybe covering a duration of about 2 hours so someone can take over from them, it's exhausting otherwise!  Definitely need more help with cleaning up and closing down around 3pm.

Please try and sign up for next week if you can, it's more fun and less stress the more of us there are.

Today was a great day we can all be proud of.

Pics by Donna Dunseath

29th September 2015

26th September 2015
Trial run - ahead of our opening on 3rd October, we had a trial run on 26th Sep.
"A massive thank you to all the volunteers who turned out today and well done to all the NVQ Food Hygiene trainees, it was a long day but I hope you all feel proud of what you have achieved. We were fed and watered by the wonderful volunteer cooks Kathy & Paula. We dined in style our menu included New Lodge Farm Hog Roast (turned into a sweet and sour dish), Belvoir Bakery Bread and a delicious Apple Crumble and Custard. Thanks to our supporters and donors we couldn't do it without you!" Tricia

14th September 2015
Our branded T-s and aprons have arrived!

Printer, designer and manager (L to R on apron pic) showing new t shirts, aprons and logo. All this sponsored by UK Printwear Ltd of Empingham. Sian is manager and if you want more details she can be contacted on 01780 767476 or

4th September 2015
Great article in Stamford Mercury p4 about second helpings opening on 3rd October and the amount of money spent and wasted on food from Stamford households. Email the editor to let him know what you think about the project . ;

20th August 2015
Project Meeting :-)
Donna, Ruth, Tricia and Jo

14th August 2015
Say hello to our logo!

8th August 2015
Great news! We'd discovered another organisation called Second Helpings in the USA, doing a similar activity by redirecting food waste to those in need. We contacted them to check that they were happy for us to use the Second Helpings name, and we heard today that it's fine. Full steam ahead!

18th July 2015
Not such Good news!!! Repairs to an adjoining room at the church will mean that we will not now be able to open on 5th September. The cooker is having to be disconnected so further piping can be installed. Volunteer forms are available for anyone interested in helping (please contact and a new up to date wish list will be published soon.

16th July 2015
Great news; our store room in the church basement has been cleared and the asbestos comes out next week. A special thanks to Roger Ing who is organising the upgrade of the cellar to a standard where it can be used - that's where the fridges and freezers will go. Once the walls are made good, volunteers will be needed for painting the room.
16th July 2015
Riverford Organics of Sacrewell have volunteered to supply us with organic vegetables when they have spares at midday on Fridays. We need someone to go and collect it.
16th July 2015
Adam Smith, the founder of the Real Junk Food café and movement, will be a guest speaker at the café on 7th November in the evening. A 'pay as you feel meal' will be served. Look out for more details. Adam is inspirational, don't miss it.

15th July 2015
Facebook page and website go live

6th June 2015
First major project meeting and ideas workshop in Trinity Methodist Church