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Bye Laws


  • All players, officials, volunteers etc. must be treated with respect. Abusive behaviour and swearing will not be tolerated.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building.
  • The taking of food or drink is prohibited on the bowling side of the lounge/bar barriers.
  • Players must not run on the green.
  • Mobile Phones are not permitted to be used on the bowling side of the lounge/bar barriers.
  • Before delivering weighted shots players must warn both their own and adjoining rinks.


Members shall at all times conform to the following standards of dress when playing, marking or umpiring.

For all organised club games, the dress code is:

  • grey/brown/ black or predominately white regulation flat soled shoes
  • plain grey, white or registered coloured trousers {including cropped) / regulation skirts/culottes or tailored shorts

and any of the following shirts:

  • Plain White or white with coloured piping
  • Club registered shirt
  • Coloured Bowls Manufacturers shirt.
  • County or other team regulation shirt as long as the same is worn by all members of the team

It is also applicable for the dress code to be observed on spare rinks for roll-ups during competitive bowling sessions.

N.B. Black trousers, cargo-style trousers, leggings or grey or coloured jeans etc. are not acceptable for organised games

Smart casual clothes are permissible on the green ONLY for the 12.05pm – 2.10pm sessions (except Monday) or other sessions where there are no other scheduled fixtures or at the management's discretion.

Regulation flat-soled (no heel) shoes must be worn at all times on the green.

Shoes for bowling must not be worn to enter the premises


All complaints must be submitted in writing to the secretary of the Management Committee for investigation at the next Management Committee Meeting.


The Management Committee can accept no responsibility for any article taken into, or left on, the Club premises or Car-Park. Members are prohibited from making any unauthorised alterations or adjustments to Association equipment or property, including the heating, lighting or ventilation systems.

Entry to the bar, store and office is prohibited except by those authorised by the Directors and Management Committee to do so.