Access Statement

Stamford & District Indoor Bowls Association


The whole of the bowls club is single storey, but whilst there are two levels within the building access to those levels is provided by both stepped and sloped access.  Within the building there is a full disabled toilet.

To the exterior of the building there are four disabled parking spaces.  There is a sloped access from the outside to the inside foyer which is entered via automatic sliding doors. Entry from the foyer to the main building is also provided via automatic sliding doors.  Both sets of doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchair access.

Within the facility there are circulation passageways that are kept wide enough to allow movement of wheelchairs.  There are no windows within the building which is lit by artificial light that is suitable for the visually impaired.

Three of our coaches have received training in assisting disabled people to partake in the sport and one of our coaches has also received training in meeting the needs of the visually impaired, including the totally blind, to enable them to participate in the game.

Written material can be supplied in larger more readable font on request. N.B. This text is prepared in a special font suitable for those with visibility impairment.

For those with a hearing impairment we have a portable induction loop system.

The playing surface is separated from the surrounding area by a ditch and hand rails have been placed around the access areas to that surface to assist those with impaired mobility to safely transit from one level to the other.

Access to the playing surface for wheelchairs is provided by portable ramps.  Two wheelchairs with wide wheels, suitable for use on the playing surface, are provided for use by those with mobility impairment.


Our Volunteers are encouraged to be aware of the needs of disabled people and are shown how to use the equipment we have to assist the disabled.

Means of escape

We have a full Fire Risk Assessment and an automated fire alarm system.  Our volunteers have, and will continue to undergo, basic training in evacuation procedures. It is policy that staff will attempt to assist when required in getting visitors out of the building, paying special attention to the most vulnerable.