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This project builds upon Stamford’s HP Innovation in Education Grant, a multi-disciplinary project involving students in real-world analysis of groundwater, using current technology to track and analyze data, creating maps and graphs that demonstrate findings.  Students obtain results using national protocols, learning about factors influencing the availability and quality of water, topography; and drainage, flora; & fauna and the impact of urban development. Working with a number of community organizations, they meet scientists and learn about their careers. 


Through its Chinese sister school, Shandong University Middle School, Scofield hopes to bring an international focus to the problem of water quality. Shandong also face significant water quality issues -- Shandong Province (Huangshui River Basin) is recognized as one of the most polluted river systems in China.  As in Stamford, much of this problem is a result of a fast growing population, industrial growth and agriculture.  Crucial points are water availability, pollution of water resources, and inadequate sewage treatment.


Through sharing the results of Stamford’s research and city resources with their sister school and teaching them to do their own analysis through videos and web-based contacts, it is hoped that both communities can learn and help to solve these community problems.

Project at a Glance:

Throughout this project, teachers and students will do the following:    
  • Use HP equipment to complete the project.
  • Learn how to conduct Water Quality Testing
  • Create maps and analyze data around water quality.
  • Share results with Scofield Magnet Middle School's Sister School - The Middle School Attached to Shandong University.
  • Learn how to use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to track, measure, and analyze collected data.
  • Collaborate with local Water Quality Experts around water quality.
  • Study how local history (with regards to Urban Development) affects the local water supply.
  • Collaborate with other educational institutions to enhance the project through the HP Catalyst Global Consortium.
  • Measure the effectiveness of the project using student attitude surveys and achievement data.

Project Objectives

The student research will focus on three questions:
    1) Does the water quality of groundwater vary     
        in different locactions in Stamford?
    2) How does water quality in Stamford affect human 
        health and/or local ecology?
    3) What can be done to improve water quality in
Please check out the locations of all the organizations we are working with in educational collaboration from around the world -  http://maps.yourgmap.com/v/o_1ei_Stamford_Water_Quality_Testing_Map.html

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Attend HP Catalyst Summit 2011 Bryan Olkowski and Jim Forde 3.) Closed 3.) High March 10, 2011 100% 
Send Stamford Teachers to Sister School in China to: 1) Review and build Project Capacity; 2) Deliver HP Equipment Kristen Sileo and Karen Kulish 3.) Closed 4.) Critical April 27, 2011 100% 
Determine Metrics for HP Catalyst Project Karen Kulish, Kristen Sileo, Jim Forde; Eileen Wargo, Bryan Olkowski, Jan Rossman 1.) Active 4.) Critical April 29, 2011 100% 
Apply for HP Catalyst Innovation Fund Bryan Olkowski 3.) Closed 3.) High May 12, 2011 100% 
Expose Students to Water Quality Testing for Target Student Group 7th and 8th grade teachers 1.) Active 3.) High May 31, 2011 100% 
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