Stamford, a Fairtrade Town

Workplace Users of Fairtrade in Stamford
 Business and Address
 Fairtrade Details
Brimstone Associates
'Byways', First Drift, Wothorpe, PE9 3JL
Tel: 01780 755527
 Awaiting details...
Environ Skin Clinic
St Martin's, Stamford
 Provides Fairtrade tea and coffee for staff
Instep Foot Clinic
St Martin's, Stamford, PE9 2LF
Tel: 01780 766991
 Provides Fairtrade tea and coffee for staff
J P Crook and Co
Chartered Accountants
27 St Peter's Street, Stamford PE9 2PF
Tel: 01780 755082
 Uses, and serves to clients, Fairtrade coffee, tea, green tea, chocolates and biscuits.
Barnack Road, Stamford PE9 2NB
 Cummins stocks two varieties of Fairtrade Tea in its vending machines.
Retail Data Partnership
4 Scotgate, Stamford PE9
Tel: 01780 480562
 Awaiting details...