Campaign: The Right Label

Clothes are great.

Last year we bought £44bn of clothes in the UK. Lovely!

In 2012, Edinburgh Woollen Mill labels were found in the rubble of a factory fire that killed 112 people in Pakistan.

Workers in factories for high street shops can work 16 hour days for 3p per hour.

Farmers of raw materials are often paid unfair prices for their products.

So what is the true cost of fashion?

How do you know if you are wearing The Right Label?

Some companies have policies to protect their workers and pay them a living wage. We want to make sure these are upheld and made stronger.

This year, you can work with the Stamford Town Fairtrade Group to help our own shops make the changes needed to make our fashion fair. Companies must do more, together and individually, to live up to promises and pay a living wage.

We can help them change.

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Launching the Campaign, Stamford, March 2013

Getting the message across.