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February 2021 - Fairtrade Fortnight: Webinar

February 2020 - Fairtrade Fortnight: Dine With A Difference
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November 2019 - One World Week

July 2019
Dine With A Difference
Earlier this year Stamford’s Fairtrade Town group held its charity 'Dine with a Difference' night to promote Fairtrade Fortnight at New College Stamford, with meals created by the college's catering students. The evening raised over £1200 which has been donated to Safer Off The Streets, a charity based in Peterborough, and The Fairtrade Foundation.
Representatives from Stamford’s Fairtrade Town group were recently invited to the Gallery Restaurant at New College Stamford to receive a cheque for £620 for the local charity, Safer Off The Streets. 
This successful partnership between the Fairtrade group and the catering students at the college has resulted in delicious meals using Fairtrade and local produce being served up at what is now an annual event. 
During Fairtrade Fortnight the group also served fairtrade coffees and teas early in the morning at the station for donations and raised just over £180 which is also being donated to the Fairtrade Foundation. A cheque for £800 has been sent to the Fairtrade Foundation.
In the photograph (from left) are restaurant lecturer at New College Lauren Lowe, Jane Bateman and Maggie Bentley of Stamford Fairtrade, and John Baker of Peterborough City Council, accepting the proceeds on behalf of Safer Off The Streets.

February 2019
Fairtrade Fortnight: 25th February - 10th March 2019
"Dine with a Difference" - 7th March - Details
"Fairtrade Coffee: every morning at Stamford Station, 25th Feb to 1st March

September 2018

February 2018
 Fairtrade Fortnight 26th February - 11th March 

 Stamford Station  – fairtrade teas, coffees and snacks* available from 0645 to 0815 from Monday, 26th Feb to Friday, 2nd March.
(*including Rutland Fairtrade's new fairtrade chocolate bar, to be launched on 3rd March - any retailers who are interested should contact David Lewis at
Look out for COME ON IN TO FAIRTRADE posters in coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets etc. which sell fairtrade items in Stamford.
Fairtrade "Big Brew" at The Well, Friday 9th March, 10am - 12.

October 2017
One World Week: 15th-22nd October 2017

June 2017
Fairtrade Group’s  Charity Event
Representatives from Stamford’s Fairtrade Town group were invited to the Gallery Restaurant at New College last week to receive a cheque for £1000 raised for two charities at the “Dine with a Difference” meal held in Fairtrade Fortnight.  This very successful partnership between the Fairtrade group and the catering students at the college, ably led by chef tutor Phil Matthews, has resulted in delicious meals using Fairtrade and local produce being served up at what is now an annual event.  This year’s charities, “Send a Cow”, which works on local projects at village level in Africa, providing livestock and helping people to make the best use of their land, and “second-helpings”, a local charity rescuing food destined for landfill and using it to cook up nutritious meals, will both benefit from the event. The Fairtrade group also works with the students to teach them about the value of using fairly traded products in their cooking to some of the poorest producers in the world, thus enabling them to provide food, education and healthcare for their families.

Stamford has been a Fairtrade town since 2006 and has just recently renewed its status. Anyone who is interested in joining the group and helping to plan events such as “Dine with a Difference” and our annual One World Week exhibition in Stamford Arts Centre, please contact Jan Hetherington on 01780 757439 or e mail:
In the picture are Phil Matthews, Josh Bacon, Nathan Goodliffe, Tom Glitherow, Millie Laming and Gemma Chapman from New College, Jane Beynon, an ambassador for Send a Cow, and Mary Cade, Jane Bateman and George Hetherington from the Fairtrade group.

March 2017
Fairtrade Town Status
We're delighted to announce the successful renewal of Stamford's Fairtrade Town Status.

February 2017

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017: 27th February - 12th March

Some photos from Fairtrade Fortnight

Featuring Dine with a Difference

Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 with a four-course gourmet dining experience using local and Fairtrade produce. Thursday 2nd March - Gallery Restaurant, New College Stamford - £25 Full details on the poster SOLD OUT

October 2016

A week of free events

“Including you-acting together for a world of peace”

Stamford Arts Centre, 16th-22nd October

All week in the gallery...

Interactive displays, activism craft, competitions and a large selection of Fairtrade goods

  Sunday 16th  - Churches Together - 6:30pm
Guest speaker – Chris Lubbe*  from South Africa

 A short café-style service to provoke thought and discussion for all

 Monday 17th 6pm for 6.30pm  - Chris Lubbe*

Join us for a drinks reception and inspirational talk on life in

Nelson Mandela’s South Africa


Wednesday 19th - FILM ‘Taxi Tehran’ (12A) - 8pm

Amnesty International evening – nibbles from 7pm

Thursday 20th - Drinks Reception - Transition Stamford - 7:00pm

Come and meet the Stamford Transition Town team for a wine and nibbles reception to hear of their exciting plans for 2017!

Please download and display this leaflet

*Chris Lubbe

Born at a very difficult period in South Africa’s history, Chris made a decision very early in his life to become an activist and oppose the racially based system of ‘apartheid’. This decision was to put him on a direct collision course with the ‘apartheid’ regime which was to result in several spells of incarceration, torture and near death experiences.

After Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 and the subsequent fall of ‘apartheid’ Chris was handpicked by Nelson Mandela to become one of his bodyguards. Apart from fulfilling body-guarding duties, Chris also became involved in the delicate negotiations with the ‘apartheid regime’ which resulted in subsequent agreement, the drafting of the new constitution and culminating in the first democratic elections in South Africa. Chris worked with Nelson Mandela for 8 years up until his retirement in 1998.  

Despite meeting a vast array of world leaders and celebrities, Chris draws mainly from the important lessons he learned from working with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.       Download text and photo

February - March 2016

Fair Trade Fortnight Events in Stamford

29th February to 13th March 2016

Dine with a Difference

Wednesday March 2nd, 5.45pm for 6.15pm, at the 

Gallery Restaurant, New College, Drift Road, Stamford, PE9 1XA.

An exciting chocolate-themed 5 course dining experience

using local and Fair Trade produce.

Raising funds for Homestart, Stamford, and Hands of Hope, Haiti.

Tickets £25 each from 01780720521. 

Hurry – only 9 places remaining !


Fair Trade Breakfast Event

serving tea, coffee and snacks outside Stamford Station, 

6am to 8am on Monday February 29th and Tuesday March 8th. 

Donations to Homestart, Stamford, and Hands of Hope, Haiti.

Fair Trade Breakfast Event at Second Helpings

Stamford's Pay as You Feel Cafe at the 

Well, Barn Hill Methodist Church, on 

Saturday March 12th, 10am to 11am.

Big Brew Coffee Morning and Cake Stall

at the Well, Barn Hill Methodist Church, on

Friday March 11th, 10am to 12 midday.

October 2015


19th-25th October 2015

All week in the Stamford Arts Centre gallery... Interactive displays, activism craft, competitions and a large selection of Fairtrade goods 

Sunday 18th - Churches Together - 6:30pm A short café-style service to provoke thought and discussion for all denominations 

Monday 19th - Oxfam: Rwanda - 7:00pm for 7:30pm Join us for a drinks reception and inspirational talk on how an exposure tour in Rwanda gave insight into the projects Oxfam are funding. 

Tuesday 20th - FILM The Overnighters (12A) - 5pm A remarkably poignant look at the effects on working lives caused by the recession and changes to the energy market, channelled through the efforts of a local priest to bring light into darkened lives.


Thursday 22nd - Drinks Reception - Transition Stamford - 7:00pm Come and meet the Stamford Transition Town team for a wine and nibbles reception to hear of their exciting plans for 2016!

Please view and share our poster

February / March 2015

Fairtrade Fortnight

20th February - 5th March 2015

Market Stall - Friday 20th February: mainly information but selling Greencircle bamboo socks and coffee from a project in Haiti supported by Alltech.

Big Brew Coffee Morning - Friday 27th February at the Well, from 10-12, raising money for Traidcraft's Fair Necessities Appeal to help some of the poorest small producers in the developing countries.

Dine with a Difference - Thursday 5th March at New College, Drift Road, Stamford PE9 1XA, 6.30pm - a banquet cooked by the catering students using fairtrade and local produce. Tickets £25 from Jane: 01780 751402. Please view the poster for full details.

October 2014


19th-25th October 2014

View the Poster

in the Gallery and Theatre, Stamford Arts Centre

Theme: Living Differently "Breaking the Chains"

Sunday 19th 6.30pm;            Churches Together Service . Speaker Rev Peter Lemmon.

Monday 20th to Saturday 25th, 10.00am to 6pm Exhibition and Fair Trade Stalls;

Exhibition includes

 - A 40ft Drones Quilt, commissioned by the Fellowship of Reconciliation (each panel designed and made by members of the public) demonstrates the number of fatal casualties suffered by civilians in Drone attacks around the world. A moving and thought provoking quilt, it has been exhibited in Cathedrals, churches and large venues in cities around the UK.

 - Schools Competition; "This is where I would like to live "

 - New College Art students; "To live differently things that need to change"

 - Fairtade stalls to include; jewellery from Columbia / throws and tablecloths from Kenya / bamboo socks / food, crafts, jewellery from around the world.

 - Graffitti Board and Quiz.

Monday 20th 7 for 7.30 Fair trade snacks, drinks and speaker;   'The Quilt and Drones'  by Emma Anthony

Emma works for the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Oxford (, focusing on their outreach and campaigns: including resisting the arms trade, breaking down the secrecy of drones and challenging militarism - particularly with regards to the centenary of WW1.

Wednesday 22nd 8pm in the Cinema; "The Golden Dream" (12a) starring Brandon Lopez & Rodolfo Dominguez

Three teenagers from the slums of Guatemala  travel to the United States in search of a better life. But life of any kind buckles beneath the reality of Central America. 

The Fairtrade Town Group as always, aims to challenge and inform the people of Stamford and visitors to the Arts Centre about their concerns for the world in which we live. The exhibition provides a time to reflect and discuss with others the issues raised. A warm welcome awaits those attending the talk and / or exhibition at this event. We are grateful to the Arts Centre for providing space and time, and for including us each year in their busy film programme again this year by showing 'The Golden Dream' .

The second year BT Art students from New College provided more challenges. Asked what they would like to change in this world so that we could break the chains and live differently, they produced a series of stunning, thought provoking pictures.

Subjects covered included Child Slavery, Fundamentlist Religeous Indoctrination, Climate Change, Deforestation, Animal Cruelty, Child Poverty, Child Labout, Gender Equaity and Sexual Abuse.

Visitors could not view these without being challenged and provoked yet full of admiration for the skills and depth of thought by these young artists.


Photo Gallery

April 2014

Read the Stamford Living article about the "Dine With a Difference" event at New College during Fairtrade Fortnight

February 2014


February 24th to March 8th 2014


Stamford Fairtrade Town Group has organised a number of events to raise awareness yet again

of the importance of fair trade to the many producers in the world unable to earn a decent living.


A market stall on Friday 21st February will be offering Fairtrade items for sale, distributing leaflets

and talking through the issues with passers by.


‘Dine with a Difference’ on Thursday 27th February at New College (now sold out) will give students the challenge of producing a five-course gourmet dining experience using local and  Fairtrade produce. Members of the FT group have talked previously the with students about the difference it makes to many lives when they are paid a fair price for their labours. Fifty guests quickly snapped up the offer to attend and look forward to an opportunity to ‘Dine with a Difference’. It is not the first time that the college catering students having previously taken on the fair trade challenge with a Chocolate banquet providing the ultimate experience for those lucky enough to be there.


On Thursday 6th March in the Arts Centre at 7pm refreshments will be available prior to a talk at 7.30pm. Alan and Eleanor Rayden went to Vietnam on a Fairtrade ‘Meet the Producers’ tour and will give an illustrated talk about their experiences in Vietnam. Free to all, the event will give those attending the opportunity to share the lessons and values of the tour, and fair trade, discussing the issues raised by the Raydens.


The Stamford Fairtrade Group extends their thanks for the continued support of the New College staff, students, and the Staff of the Arts Centre, for their continued support over the years for the Fairtrade and One World Week events.

Planning is already underway for this year’s One World Week event. Anyone wishing to learn more about, or be interested in joining the FTT Group, can get more information on the How to Get Involved page.

February 2014
We are pleased to announce that URC Hall is now a supporter of Fairtrade in Stamford; details in Food and Drink

November 2013
We are pleased to announce that Natural is now a supporter of Fairtrade in Stamford; details in Arts, Crafts, Clothing and Gifts

October 2013

One World Week – “More than Enough”


20th to 27th October 2013


The Stamford Fairtrade Town Group is hosting their ninth One World Week event.

Previous events have attracted over 2,000 visitors a week.


The OWW Churches Together act of Worship at 6.30pm on Sunday 20th October is to be led by

 Rev. Jane Campbell of the URC Church and John Chambers from the Free Church. The preacher will be

Rev. Richard Baggott, from Oakham Methodist Church, who previously worked for Christian Aid. The

Service will take place in the Ballroom at the Stamford Arts Centre. All are welcome.



Monday 21st to Saturday 26th will see another OWW exhibition in the Gallery at Stamford Arts Centre.

The main focus of the exhibition will be on the campaign being currently run by the FTT Group,

entitled “The Right Label?”. New College students have created a massive display running the full

length of the Gallery inspired following a talk by Jo Kemp, who is leading the FTT Group’s campaign.

Other displays will inform visitors where clothing sold in Stamford is being made and what are believed to be the ethical policies of the companies manufacturing and selling the clothing in our Stamford shops. This should enable buyers to choose “The Right Label”. The campaign was started prior to the disastrous fire in Pakistan and building collapse in Bangladesh. With workers killed that have been making clothing to be sold in Stamford the campaign is very relevant to all of us. Every effort will be made, as before, to have interactive events to involve visitors.


Monday 21st"Cheap clothing - a burning issue"   Fairtrade Forum
An evening reception for supporters and members of the Town Council. Instead of the usual speaker, there will be a “Question Time” debate, popular on TV. So far on the panel, we have a Stamford clothing retailer, an importer of Colombian Fairtrade jewelry, a representative from the National Union of Students and a clothing manufacturer.  MP Alan Duncan, responsible for government aid distribution, has been approached and we also hope to have a supermarket chain.. Refreshments from 6:30pm; event starts at 7:00pm in the Arts Centre Gallery.

Tuesday 22nd  - How to renovate & redesign top quality clothing. 7.00pm - 9.00pm,  session led by Elaine Jones in the Arts Centre Gallery. Take part, or simply watch.  

Wednesday 23rd - the One World Week Film – Oscar-nominated ‘No’, starring Gael Farcia Bernal,  Rated 15. 8.00 p.m. See Arts Centre programme/website for more. Usual film charge applies. 



Photo Gallery


Volunteer stewards help to keep the event running. Can you help?


For more information contact Jan or George Hetherington 01780 757439 or

May 2013

Stamford Fairtraders Continue their “Right Label?” Campaign


Six months after the tragedies in Bangladeshi garment factories left over 1230 people dead and thousands injured, Stamford Fairtrade campaigners were again on the High Street distributing leaflets and talking to shoppers to highlight the urgent need for consumers to chose the Right Label.
Because our greed for cheap clothing, and the retailers 
demands for cheap clothing makes manufacturers ignore safety regulations and workers rights. To date retailers are not accepting any responsibility for the deaths and injuries and have ignored requests for compensation for victims families. The families of the victims are now without income, without mothers, wives and daughters. We believe brands sourcing from these factories owe compensation to these families. Brands must also pay for medical treatment for those injured, loss of earnings for those left unemployed as a result of the disaster, and education fees for the children of the deceased.

The factory where 112 people were burned alive was making products for the Edinburgh Woollen Mill. The eight storey factory that collapsed, killing in the region of 1127 workers, was producing goods for brands including Primark, Matalan and Bon Marche.


The campaigners of Stamford are gathering information from Stamford retailers about the sources of the clothing they sell, what ethical policies they have and how they supervise the working conditions and wages of those making their products. The information gathered will be available in the Gallery, at the Arts Centre in the One World Week exhibition in October. It is hoped that the exhibition will enable visitors to make an informed decision about “The Right Label?”.  Fashion should never kill.

May 2013

We are pleased to announce that the Melbourn Brothers' All Saints Brewery Pub  is now a supporter of Fairtrade in Stamford.

Fairtrade Fortnight
 25th February to 9th March 2013


Fairtrade Fortnight is a time to raise awareness of the needs and problems surrounding Fairtrade. This year the Stamford Fairtrade Group are taking a look at the National and Multinational shops in Stamford which provide us with the many clothing outlets that now dominate our shopping centre. The group will be researching the way these companies source and buy the clothes they sell and making the results known to the Stamford shoppers. The vigil held outside Edinburgh Woollen Mill store after the devastation caused by a fire in one of their supplier's factory has been the catalyst for this years campaign. The group feel it is important that customers are aware of the background behind the clothes they buy.


The campaign, called “THE RIGHT LABEL?”, starts in Fairtrade fortnight and will go through until One World Week in October when the results will be on display in the Arts Centre exhibition.  Look out for Group members in Stamford High Street during the fortnight and have a chat with them, get the Group’s Facebook and website campaign page details to follow the campaign.

6th January 2013

Stamford Vigil Alerts Possible Legal Action

The successful vigil outside the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop in Stamford, led by

the Stamford Fairtrade Town Steering Group immediately prior to Christmas, has had the

desired effect of causing ripples at the EWM head office. Their lawyers, as a result of our

vigil, have been in touch with Labour Behind the Label, the Pressure Group which asked

us to conduct our vigil and supplied the candles and leaflets.  Needless to say we are

pleased that they are feeling the pressure and hope that this will result in negotiations

to the benefit of those injured in the fire and the families of those who died. Long term of

course we want EWM to take control of the working conditions of the factories that make their



The Steering Group will continue to monitor other clothing retailers in our high street

trying to raise awareness of the ethical, or lack of ethical, practices of our high street retailers.

19th December 2012
Candle Vigil at Edinburgh Woollen Mill Store Calls for Justice
Activists in Stamford and across UK pay tribute to Bangladesh fire victims 
  • Candle lit vigils held in busy shopping streets in Stamford, and towns across UK
  • Edinburgh Woollen Mill asked to pay compensation to Bangladeshi fire victims
Activists will hold candlelight vigils in front of Edinburgh Woollen Mill stores across the UK this Wednesday to call for justice for the victims of a recent factory fire in Bangladesh that claimed the lives of over 100 people. Labels from the British brand were found in the burnt wreckage of the Tazreen Fashions factory in Dhaka that caught fire on 24 November killing at least 124 workers, and injuring more than 150. 
A candle lit vigil, hosted by members of Stamford Fairtrade Steering Group, is due to take place on Stamford High Street today and aims to draw attention to the tragedy during peak christmas shopping season and elicit a response from brand management.
The Bristol based fashion campaign group Labour Behind the Label is calling on Edinburgh Woollen Mill, and other buyers from the Tazreen Fashions factory, to pay full compensation to the victims and their families, and take steps to prevent future tragedies in the industry.
“With these vigils we want to pay respect to the victims who gave their lives in this pointless tragedy,” said Sam Maher, Labour Behind the Label. “We are dismayed at the indifference showed to these workers by Edinburgh Woollen Mill and call on them to act now to support the families of those killed. Companies such as Edinburgh Woollen Mill, who are sourcing from Bangladesh must join with unions and labour rights groups to ensure the root causes of these fires are addressed and that no more lives are lost.”
Edinburgh Woollen Mill have confirmed that they were sourcing their PG Field and Country Rose labels at the factory. Labels from their Hippo brand were also found. C&A, Walmart (including George) and sourcing agent Li&Fung have so far confirmed that their production was taking place at Tazreen at the time of the fire. Other companies who have confirmed sourcing from Tazreen in the past year include El Corte Inglés and the German discounter KIK.
To prevent future tragedies, campaigners are calling on brands to sign on to the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement, developed prior to the tragedy by Bangladeshi and global unions and labour rights organizations. The agreement provides, amongst other actions, for independent inspections of supplier factories, public reporting, mandatory repairs and renovations, a central role for workers and unions in both oversight and implementation, supplier contracts with sufficient financing and adequate pricing, and a binding contract to make these commitments enforceable. Companies PvH (Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) and Tchibo have already signed this agreement.
“It is not sufficient to just pay humanitarian aid. Brands sourcing from the factory are responsible for full redress of the victims. They should contribute to the loss of income and compensation for pain and suffering, in line with international standards”, said Tessel Pauli from the International Clean Clothes Campaign.
In addition to compensation to the families of the deceased for damages and loss of earnings, the brands are expected to provide compensation for injured workers, cover costs of emergency relief and medical treatment and to compensate loss of earnings suffered by workers recovering from injuries and for those left unemployed as a result of the fire.
Vigils are also being held in Edinburgh, and Stamford. 
For more information:
Anna McMullen, Campaigns Coordinator, Labour Behind the Label
mob: +44 (0)7786 832035

21st - 27th October 2012


A week of services, talks, films and exhibitions - details in the flier

Stamford Fairtrade Zing Exhibition 2012
Stamford Fairtrade Zing Exhibition 2012

Stamford Fairtrade One World Week 2012
Stamford Fairtrade One World Week 2012

September 2012
We are pleased to announce that the Riverside Fish Bar, The George Hotel, and St Mary's Church, are all now supporters of Fairtrade in Stamford.

20th February - 3rd March 2012
Fairtrade Fortnight at Stamford Arts Centre

Celebrating Stamford: 5 Years a Fairtrade Town
 - Fairtrade Stalls - Schools Competitions - Other Competitions - Exhibitions -
With special speaker Katie Franks (Commercial Development Officer at Fairtrade Foundation)
Monday 27th February 2012, 6:30pm, in the Gallery.
(The Steering Group will host a reception, with refreshments from 6.30pm and Katie will talk from 7.15pm with time for questions. Following this the birthday party wil continue with quizzes, competitions and a Fair Trade game. After all, Stamford a Fairtrade Town for 5 Years is worth celebrating.
Spaces are limited so booking a place via George Hetherngton, on 01780 757439 or would help. Take a step in our direction!)

17th - 19th September 2011

12th March 2011, 7pm
Fairtrade Fortnight: Fairtrade Fashion Show
For more information;
George Hetherington 01780 757439 . 07891 437914.,
Simon Tee 01780 757496. 07545 345346
23rd February 2011, 5.00pm to 7.00pm
CIWEM* East Anglian branch, in conjunction with Fairtrade Stamford, presents:
Fair Trade - Good Business and Good for Business
International Influences of Environmental Education
at Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill, Stamford PE9 2AH
This is one of a series of CIWEM East Anglian branch seminars with the annual theme focusing on "Education and the Environment".
This event will explore the notion of Fair Trade and the benefits to all involved. Speakers to include:
 - David Greenwood-Haigh from Divine Chocolate who will provide a business perspective on Fair Trade and how Fair Trade aids education and sustainability,
 - A speaker from Traidcraft
 - A speaker about ethical investment.
To book your free place please e-mail Richard Donovan at, or call on 07540 120733, please state if you are a CIWEM member.
* CIWEM: The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management: branch web page

12th October 2010
Stamford Rotary and Stamford Fairtrade Town Steering Group have been working with David Greenwood-Haigh (Divine Chocolate & Hands of Hope) with the three schools in Stamford - the High School, New College and Queen Eleanor - to be involved in National Chocolate Week. All three schools have put chocolate into their curriculum and will be displaying what they have done at an Exhibition at the New College on October 12th.
There will also be a Chocolate Banquet at the Gallery Restaurant in the College - please see the invitation below.
Profits from the evening, at the request of the catering staff at New College, will go to Hands of Hope, who are working in Haiti.
Chocolate Banquet Invitation (opens in a new window)
Chocolate Banquet Menu (opens in a new window)

10th March 2010
Watch this superb video about the business operation of Divine Chocolate:

22nd February - 7th March 2010
Fairtrade Fortnight


The Stamford Fairtrade Steering Committee, in collaboration with Divine Chocolate, was delighted to announce a special programme of events from 26th - 28th February to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight with special guests from the Kuapa Kokoo farmers' cooperative in Ghana. The cocoa farmers - from the cooperative that supplies cocoa to leading Fairtrade company Divine - told a range of audiences in Stamford how their support is helping to change lives - and how, because Kuapa Kokoo actually owns 45% of shares in Divine, this pioneering business model means an even better, more equitable deal for farmers.

The dynamic Stamford Fairtrade Steering Committee, energetically led by George Hetherington, organised events to please everyone - with plenty of chocolate to go around:

Friday 26th February
Stamford Schools Event
Venue: Queen Eleanor Technology College Green Lane, Stamford, PE9 1HE

Saturday 27th February
Business Breakfast
Venue: Lady Anne’s Hotel, St. Martins, Stamford, PE92LJ
Time: 7.30am for 8.00am

Saturday 27th February;
A Very Chocolatey Adventure
Venue: Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill, Stamford, PE9 2AE
Time: 10.30 for 11.00am

Time: 6.30pm
A Haitian Themed Supper by chefs David Greenwood-Haigh and David Neild,
featuring a Fairtrade Chocolate Pudding Competition judged by our chefs.

Full Details of Events and Locations (pdf, 126kb)

February 2010
The Green Treehouse has been added to our new '
On the Web' section.

November 2009
Baker's Oven is now Greggs Bakery; Somerfield is now Waitrose.
Walkers Books, Voujon, Cafe Black, Stamford Garden Centre, Rock Lodge, and Stamford Lodge have all recently joined Stamford Fairtrade.
Retail Data Partnership, Brimstone Associates, Phil Goldsmith Driving Instructor and JP Cook and Co are all '
Workplace Users' of Fairtrade products.

18th - 25th October 2009
One World Week

One World Week Service held on Sunday 18th October at 10.30am, at Trinity Methodist Church, Barn Hill, Stamford PE9 2AD. The preacher was Rev Peter Lemmon M.A. We prepared to be challenged and be Hungry for Change.

Open Evening on Monday 19th October, 7 for 7.30pm in the Arts Centre Gallery. Our speaker was David Greenwood-Haigh, National Sales Manager for Divine, talking about the growth of Divine Chocolate plc in the last 10 years - "a great idea - that could never happen". As well as talking to us about the growth of this Fairtrade Company and its effects on the Ghanaian farmers David, who is also a chef, performed a chocolatier demonstration. A must for chocolate lovers……and Fairtraders.

David Greenwood-Haigh of Divine Chocolate feeds the audience with molten chocolate

Thoughout the week at the Arts Centre (St. Mary's Street) there was an exhibition entitled 'A Decade of Divine', a collection of striking images by leading photojournalists into the lives of the Kuapa Kokoo farmers. There was also opportunity to purchase a range of Fairtrade products and lots of Divine chocolate. More details (Word, 63kb)

Fairtrade Art in Stamford Arts Centre Gallery -

A Fairtrade Cake Competition on Saturday 24th October will provide a brilliant opportunity for people to show off their culinary skills. The judges are well known local chefs. Prizes will be awarded to the bakers of the best tasting cake, the best looking cake, and the cake containing the most Fairtrade ingredients. All entrants will be encouraged to submit their recipe for a special Stamford Fairtrade Cookbook. More details (Word, 523kb); Entry Form (Word, 38kb).

23rd February - 8th March 2009
Fairtrade Fortnight

For 24 hours starting at noon on Friday, customers at Morrisons, during opening hours, and young people at Teenzone Café, through the night, were invited to eat a banana as part of the Fairtrade Fortnight Go Bananas World Record attempt. At the rate of almost one a minute bananas were eaten, and by the end of the 24 hours, 1270 bananas had been consumed.

The members of the Fairtrade Town Steering group would like to thank all those who took part. As soon as the national and international totals are known we will let everybody know. We are grateful for the enormous help given by Morrisons in letting us use their foyer and donating two cases of bananas. Thank you to those who donated £175 towards the cost of the bananas and to the Lincolnshire co-op who donated the 100 bananas eaten by the young people at Teenzone Café.

The balance of the cost of bananas, and banana costume, of £90 were met by the Steering Group.

Rev. Peter Lemmon (chair of Stamford Fairtrade), dressed as a banana, and Halroy Smith from Stamford Fairtrade Group help promote Fairtrade bananas. (Stamford Mercury)

Stamford Mercury Article

20th - 26th October 2008
One World Week
This year's theme is Growing Together, to act together so that we can make a bigger difference to our future and tackle some of the major issue facing all of us, such as climate change, living peacefully in a multicultural society and economic justice. OWW is an opportunity to meet up, share concerns and hear other's views and for 2008 the focus is on Fairtrade: how it has developed in Stamford, as well as nationally and internationally.
Practical Action and Fairtrade exhibition, Arts Centre Gallery
Open from 19-25 October during Arts Centre opening hours.
The exhibition will include:
- a set of stunning photographs, entitled 'Life on the Edge', exploring the vulnerability of the Turkana and Masai pastoralists of Kenya,
- a display explaining Fairtrade and the movement's growth,
- a map showing all the Fairtrade outlets in Stamford.
Plus the opportunity to purchase a range of Fairtrade items.
Fairtrade cake competition
Saturday 25 October, judging at 10 am, public admission 11 am.
A brilliant opportunity to show off your culinary skills! There will be two categories: sponge cakes and fruit cakes. And within each category, three classes: Under 16, Over 16 and Professionals. All cakes must contain at least one Fairtrade ingredient. Cakes will be judged by a panel of well-known local chefs and Fairtrade prizes awarded to the bakers of the Best Tasting Cake, the Best Looking Cake and the Cake with Most Fairtrade Ingredients.

Pick up an entry form (.doc, 32k) and competition rules (.doc, 97k) from either the Arts Centre or Oxfam. All entrants will be encouraged to submit their recipe to a special new Stamford Fairtrade Cookbook.

October 2008
The Arts Centre Coffee Shop is a supporter of Stamford Fairtrade

October 2008
Costa Coffee
is a supporter of Stamford Fairtrade

31st July 2008
Cummins is a supporter of Stamford Fairtrade