Stamford, a Fairtrade Town

Where to buy Fairtrade Food and Drink in Stamford
 Business and Address
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 Fairtrade Goods for Sale
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 orange juice, tea, coffee & sugar  D2
 muesli, cereal bars and chocolate  C2
 Leaf and Bean Stall
Red Lion Square
Saturday morning market
 Sells teas and coffees C2
 chocolate, orange juice, coffee, sugar  beyond F1
 Marks & Spencer
41 - 45 High Street, Stamford PE9 2BD Tel: 01780 767936

 teas, coffees, jams, wines, chocolate
Melbourn Brothers Pub at
All Saints Brewery

22 All Saints Street, Stamford PE9 2PA
Tel:01780 752186
organic coffee beans for fresh ground coffee, tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, sugar

plus Organic Fruit Beers produced using 100 year-old steam brewing methods

 Morrisons Supermarket
 bananas, teas, coffees  F1
 teas, coffees, chocolate, honeys, snacks, rice, crafts, cards, etc.  C2
Tel: 01780 683 600
 teas, coffees, sugars, chocolate, cotton clothing  beyond F1
 Silverlane Foods
Manager: Gareth Stone
teas, coffees, cereal, pulses, snacks, honeys, rice, etc.
 Tesco Stores
 teas, coffees  D2
 URC Hall Popular market day coffee morning,  serving Fairtrade tea, coffee and hot chocolate,  Friday 9.00 - 11.30 
 Waitrose Supermarket
 bananas, teas, coffees, chocolate  B2
 full range of foods, crafts, jewelry, musical instruments, bags, etc.
Opening hours: Wed/Thur 10-3, Fri 10-4