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Reduce cost, dramatically!

Find out which die type is the most cost effective fit for your production requirements: use this simple method and enter the number of labels below the diagram or change by moving the slider.

This diagram allows you to compare purchase-, change over-, sharpening- and crown replacement costs of the most commonly used high- and counter pressure dies of the Stamfag S5, S10 and Stamdur qualities.

Shipping costs for re-sharpening and any additional incurred in-house costs are not included in the diagram! For your reference, please add these costs to the calculated total cost!

This cost comparison allows comparing volumes from 1 to 600 million labels!

Schnittmesser Kosten/Leistungsvergleich

The reference die, please see image, used in computing this comparison is based on a circumference of 280mm and equipped with two waste slitters.

The calculated data are empirical values based on experience with printed and varnished wet strength label paper.

Please contact one of our consultants to receive specific information regarding your substrates.