The STALYBRIDGE & DISTRICT SUNDAY SCHOOLS BILLIARDS SNOOKER & WHIST LEAGUE [Stalybridge Snooker] has been in existence for  100 years [2010/2011 season] as far as our records show. 
The league starts around October each year and runs until May the following year with our Annual General Meeting being held each September.The season is divided into a league section which finishes around January and then various team and individual cup competitions culminating in a Presentation night in May.



League Format


The league is played every Thursday and we have home venues in Mossley , Ashton U Lyne , Stalybridge and Hyde. The current format of the league is 2 single snooker matches , 2 single billiard matches and a double snooker match.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We know there were 7
teams  originally in the league but we can trace over 40 separate teams that have competed in the league since 1910.There are now 9 teams in the league [2010/2011] following the inclusion of Park Bridge Institute, Staley Vegas and SPCC [formerly Christ Church] 2nd team, but it is comforting to know that we have survived when The Salford league and Hyde league have both closed their doors. 
Whilst the league was originally formed as a sunday school league we are always looking for new teams or indivduals to join us.Full contact details are provided in the contact page of this website.

This website has been designed to link the HISTORICAL side of the league with the CURRENT side and is split accordingly.