Welcome Visitors

We hope you'll join us for our services:Sunday 9:00a, Holy Communion followed by coffee at 10:15a.

Meet the "Flock"
We come from all points on the compass, but  start off the week on the same page. Sunday Morning Holy Communion is by the book - The Book of Common Prayer. From there, we spread out in all directions.

To the flock, spread means food. The first spread is Sunday coffee hour, where the cooks cannot resist setting out sweet rolls, cakes, brownies, and homemade treats. Younger folk lean toward healthful snacks, but the kids prefer pastry.

The Friday morning spread is a thirty year tradition called Pantry Shelf. It gives away groceries, clothes, furniture and toys to hundreds of needy families. We also collect dozens and dozens of cookies for the guys going to visit the prison with the Kairos Team.


200 1/2 Main Street