STALAGS - film by Ari Libsker 

      Holocaust and Pornography in Israel \ Documentary \ Israel 2007

Stalags(in Deutsch: "POW camp" [1]) were pocket books whose stories revealed lusty female SS officers sexually abusing camp prisoners. During the 1960s, parallel to the Eichmann trial [2], sales of this pornographic literature broke all records in Israel as hundreds of thousands of copies were sold at kiosks.


The popularity of the Stalags only declined after a much-reported trial, in which their authors were accused of distributing anti-Semitic pornography. The film examines this notorious phenomenon, exposing the creators of this literary genre for the first time. Moreover it posits that pornographic aspects appears in canonic Holocaust literature [3] and continue to be spreaded as part of the representation of the Holocaust in Israel, in schools, books and trips to Auschwitz.


Director Ari Libsker [4], born in an orthodox kibbutz in the north of Israel, is a financial journalist and documentary filmmaker. Behind him are the works "Circumcision" [5](Israel 2004) and "The Home Poem" (Israel 2006).



  • Director and Co.Pro: Ari Libsker

  • Producer: Barak Heymann

  • Editor: Morris Ben-Mayor





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video automatically banned from Youtube due to use of the words "sex" and "holocaust". (2007)

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