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The Boosters are trying to bring the current list of members up to date. You can download the Membership Form HERE with the new information and place it in the Booster Mailbox in the Choir office.

What are the Stagg Music Boosters?

The Stagg Music Booster Organization is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and more specifically to support music education for the public high school students attending A.A. Stagg High School. Finally, the Music Boosters support and promote vocal and instrumental music education within the community and general public.

Why should I support the Music Program?

  1. Approximately 300 Stagg students are members of the Stagg Music Program.
  2. Music is a window into discipline, self-expression and academic accomplishment. Music opens the door to cooperation, teamwork, and community quality of life. Music students develop the attributes and skills for success in employment and higher education.
  3. The annual operating budget to support Stagg Music is increasingly expensive with the growth of the program. Currently Consolidated High School District provides less than half of the Music Program's needed budget.

Your Donation will help support...

  • Sheet Music
  • Quarterly piano tunings
  • Recording/Training Media
  • Performance Attire
  • Concert & Festival Expenses
  • Annual Continuing
  • Education Scholarships
  • Risers & Acoustical Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment

How can I donate to the Music Boosters?

Become a booster by downloading our booster membership form HERE and mailing it in with a check made out to Stagg Music Boosters.

How can I get involved in the Music Boosters?

The Music Boosters holds a meeting every month. These are usually on the third Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Sometimes you’ll even be treated with a performance by some of the young musicians! Check the calendar for booster meeting dates before you show up. For a list of ways you can volunteer your time, please contact our volunteer coordinator.