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  • Develop healthy vocal technique for individual and ensemble performance.

  • Develop listening skills which accompany music reading, performance, and evaluation.

  • Identify common musical terminology, symbols, and notation.

  • Perform music of varying genres in a choral setting while giving attention to nuance, cultural significance, and expressivity.

  • Create music of their own through composing and transcribing/arranging existing music.

  • Evaluate their own and each other’s strengths and contributions to the ensemble.

  • Cooperatively select, rehearse, and perform music to their liking without the direct assistance of the director.

  • Students will be encouraged to ask questions throughout all activities. These questions will center around “why”. Why are we learning this music? Why are we performing this music? Do we need to perform all of or any of this music? Why are we performing on stage? Why are we receiving a grade?...etc.