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The music department at Stagg High School offers options for any students interested in band, vocal music, guitar, music theory, and music business and technology, whether they are in the beginning, intermediate, or advanced stages in their learning. Music education provides a variety of unique experiences to Stagg’s students: creative outlets for aspiring musicians, a social network for those who share a love of fine arts, and opportunities to explore content that is at the foundation of every culture around the globe.

The vocal music program welcomes students of all cultures and backgrounds. Music selection in this program utilizes these cultural backgrounds, drawing from the students’ personal musical experiences or even their family members’ experiences. In part, this process turns ownership of the program over to the students. The emphasis on the students’ backgrounds connects them to the curriculum in a very personal, relevant, and empowering way. It also broadens their scope to include cultures they have never experienced before, in hopes to cultivate a healthy, respectful, and thoughtful perspective of these unfamiliar societies.

Through the vocal music program, students will have opportunities to perform for their teachers, friends, and families. They will also experience and learn from performances of a variety of styles from neighboring high schools, colleges, and universities. Stagg Music also takes group trips to special destinations with rich historical music content such as Walt Disney World, New York City, and Nashville, Tennessee.