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Instructional Strategies

Students will participate in innovative and stimulating vocal exercises to encourage experimentation with the voice while maintaining a healthy tone production. They will read standard notation almost daily, acquiring sight reading skills and an in depth understanding of how music is commonly written out. While the nature of ensemble singing will gravitate towards Western choral music, the students will discover their individual voices and their unique contribution to the music in a variety of styles. Although students will often be led by the director, they too will have opportunities to select music, make independent rehearsal decisions, and even prepare music entirely on their own. Students will perform music learned in various ways, including formal and informal performances. Not all music will be presented on a stage.

For those who are interested, there will be auditions for the Illinois Music Education Association District Choir at the beginning of every year. Activities during this time will help prepare students for these auditions. From there, students can choose to audition for the Illinois All State Choirs.

In an effort to expose students to music and performances outside of Stagg, there will be group trips taken to various destinations rich with musical elements. Additionally, ensembles from local high schools, colleges, and universities will be invited to perform at Stagg for the students to experience first-hand.