Business Casual Callbacks

posted May 18, 2017, 2:00 PM by Christopher Betz   [ updated May 23, 2017, 4:09 PM ]
Callbacks will begin very soon after school tomorrow (Wednesday). Please attempt to learn the voice parts next to your name if you haven't already. S1 = Soprano 1, S2 = Soprano 2...etc

Business Casual Callback List

Andy Demma - T/A2

Anna Danko - A2 A1 S2 S1

Antonio Cruz - B

Ariel McDaniel - A2 A1 S2 S1

Breanna Cousins - A2 A1 S2 S1

Cameron Kanofsky - T/A2

Elora Maniatis - A2 A1 S2 S1

Jason Kazin - VP

Jimmy Lizzio - T

Kaleigh Fitzgibbons - S2 S1

Kate Sidor - A2 A1 S2 S1

Lukas Roy - T/A2

MacKenzie Kazin - A2 A1 S2 S1

Martin Petrov - T/A2

Megan Thomason - A2 A1

Meghan Lennon - A2 A1

Michal Szczerba - B

Nick Kniebusch - T

Sebastian Iwaniec - B

Veronica Laurent - A2 A1