• Bel Canto and Chorale '19-'20
    Congratulations to the following students for being accepted into the full hour choirs for next year! More students have been accepted into this choirs than in all of Stagg History! Wow! Your counselors will be informed that you have been approved, and you may register for these classes when you meet with them.

    ***Additionally, if you choose, I welcome you to register for a 1/2 period choir, if it fits into your schedule, and you don't want a study hall or a full hour lunch.

    ~Mr. Betz

    Bel Canto

    Brianna Albano

    Lillie Amador-Rojas

    Jennah Atwan

    Dowlah Ali

    Caroline Burdak

    Arianna Carter

    Ryann Cowe

    Anna Danko

    Merna Demian

    Jennifer Garcia

    Mariella Garcia

    Ash (Cailean) Gordon

    Gia Gracias

    Destiny Hernandez

    Hannah Jaglinski

    Amanda List

    Megan Oddie

    Erin Pascual

    Katrina Pavloski

    Morgan Purtill

    Miranda Procopio

    Jessica Ptacek

    Lexi Ramos

    Katharine Recchia

    Deziree Rodriguez

    Razelle Ruano

    Sabreen Saleh

    Olivia Sobczak

    Estefany Solis

    Maria Szlembarski

    Raisa Toledo

    Maria Trebunia


    Phil Anglin

    Paige Blackman

    Gabriela Budz

    Emma Chudy

    Ariana Cook

    Ryann Cowe

    Anna Danko

    Dominic DeAngelis

    JP (John) Duda

    Kaleigh Fitzgibbons

    Lorelai Fogarty

    Eunice Gallermo

    Payton Hass

    Samantha Houlihan

    Sebastian Iwaniec

    Christine Karabatsos

    David Karpinski

    Nick Kniebusch

    Niki (Nicole) Kowal

    Natalia Kubiak

    Tristan Laurent

    Norbert Lazarz

    Mike Lynch

    Ariel McDaniel

    Izzy (Isabella) Mroczek

    Amelia Pempek

    Christine Purol

    Morgan Purtill

    Isaac Richards

    Lisette Ruano

    Jenelle Sangster

    Mariella Serna

    Emma Staunton

    Isaac Thornberry

    Kinga Toczylowski

    Justin Weisenauer

    Posted Jan 13, 2019, 3:35 PM by Christopher Betz
  • Chicago - Final Cast List
    • See Mr. Betz after break if you have an * next to your name!
    • Everyone who has a named role who is not a lead will be part of the ensemble when you are not performing your specific lines.
    • A Google Folder Entitled "Chicago the Musical" will soon be shared with the cast with both a pdf and a forScore file of the script and music. Review your part as soon as possible!
    • Feedback is available for everyone, whether or not you made this list, after winter break. You may come to Mr. Betz or Mr. Reiff for comments on how your audition went.

    Amos - Antonio Cruz

    Billy - Andy Demma

    Clerk - Kinga Toczylowski

    Fogarty - Isaac Thornberry

    Fred Casely - Lukas Roy

    Harrison - Jimmy Lizzio

    Harry - Dominic DeAngelis

    Judge - Michael Lynch

    Juror One - Anna Danko

    Kitty - Maggie Gorman

    Mamma - Megan Thomason

    Mary - Cameron Kanofsky

    Reporter - Kaleigh Fitzgibbons

    Roxy - Elora Maniatis

    Third Reporter - Ariel McDaniel

    Velma - MacKenzie Kazin

    Merry Murderesses (Specific Role TBD)

    Ash Gordon

    *Ashley Nanoz

    Eunice Gallermo

    Hannah Jaglinski

    Zayna Ghouleh

    Featured Dancers

    *Abigail Lee

    *Ariana Cook

    *Ashley Nanoz

    *Devin Harty

    Ethan Wolski

    *Gracy O’Rahilly

    *Julia Jimenez

    *Julia Kobylarczyk

    *Olivia Guzy

    *Sam Houlihan


    Anthony Rodriguez

    Brianna Albano

    Christine Purol

    Ella Corriere

    Emma Staunton

    Erica Blizek

    Gia Gracias

    Grace Evans

    Isabella Mroczek

    Jenelle Sangster

    JP Duda

    Nick Kniebusch

    Payton Hass

    Samia Pagnotta

    Posted Dec 21, 2018, 2:59 PM by Christopher Betz
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