1. What's the easier to remember URL for this page? 

2. Have further questions after reading below? 
Contact your Supervisor.

3. Where should I start? 
4. What is Texas BSM's mission or vision statement? 
Engaging Texas College Students to Follow Christ and Transform the World

5. Where can I find information about BGCT?
Mission, vision, values, priorities, beliefs, etc. - www.texasbaptists.org/about 
Further info about affiliation, history, budget, etc. -
Handout called "Texas Baptists Deeply Rooted in Texas" website201320122011

6. Where can I find logos?
Texas Baptists - www.texasbaptists.org/about

7. Can you help me with some statistics?
  • How many college students are there in Texas?  1.5 million
  • How many campuses have BSM?  119
  • What's the number of BSM staff?  216 (this includes full time, part time, and volunteer)
  • How many BGCT churches are there?   About 5300
  • Texas BSM Annual Report Summary Information - see questions 16, 17, & 18 
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