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Developing "partners in the Gospel" allows a BSM Director to not ministry on the campus alone. Paul's example of the Philippian church is an excellent example of the influence Paul had upon the lives of the Philippians and in turn their support of his ministry. 
Biblical Basis
  • Philippians 1: 3-6
  • Philippians 4:14-19


The Givens
  • Pace Setter - Create and communicate a strong vision statement of BSM on your local campus. The Texas BSM overall Vision is: To engage the 1.3 million college students in Texas to follow Christ and transform the world. Col. 1: 28,29
  • Spiritual Focus - pray for "laborers in the Harvest"
  • Equipping - Create a strategy of developing relationships with Associations, churches, Alumni, friends of BSM through regular contact that includes social media sites; facebook, hard copy and e-newsletters, personal visits, video, etc. All communication must be of the highest quality both in content and materials!
  • Incarnational - provide a strategy of personal contact by the BSM staff to create a strong relationship base among friends of BSM.

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