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01 Relational Evangelism

The goal of this area is to lead students to share Christ on the campus through a variety of methods and in all ministry areas. The Director / Associate is the pacesetter, setting the example in speech and action.

Biblical Basis

The Givens

  • Pace Setter - reaching the lost through intentional prayer, conversation, and a variety of entry points.
  • Spiritual Focus - interceding for the lost through a student-led prayer movement including prayer-walking, prayer room, on-campus prayer gatherings and more. 
  • Equipping - training students to share their faith as a part of the overall BSM strategy.  
  • Incarnational targeting 10-15 hours per week for on-campus training with students.  
  1. Robert Hooker is our Texas BSM Evangelism Consultant. He is here to help you with evangelism on your campus.
  2. Tasks for New Workers
  3. Reading
  4. Apologetics
  5. Bridge Illustration
  6. Campus Missionary Interns
  7. Connection Meetings
  8. Engage24
  9. Luncheon
  10. Ministry to International Students
  11. Seekers
  12. Sharing
  13. Soularium Cards
  14. Strategy
  15. It’s a Matter of Time: Exploring Evangelism with Rico Tice - Great discussion on evangelism by Tim Keller and Rico Tice, minister of Evangelism at All Souls Church in London.
  16. - A Safe Place to Explore Questions About Life and God

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