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Travel Guidelines

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2. Have further questions after reading below? 
Contact your Supervisor or Bruce McGowan at 214-828-5259 or

3. Do I need to take out insurance on a BSM-sponsored activity or trip?
Yes. All BSM-sponsored activities must be covered by insurance. This is a requirement. It includes: short term mission trips/projects, retreats, conferences, work days, concerts, ski trips, anything that involves ladders/hammers, etc. If something happens, let your supervisor know immediately and submit the report form within a couple days Here are insurance forms:
    1. BGCT ACE International Insurance - REGISTRATION INFORMATION
    2. BGCT ACE International Insurance - A SUMMARY OF COVERAGE
    3. BGCT ACE International Insurance - INSURANCE CARD
    4. BGCT ACE International Insurance - MEDICAL & ACCIDENTAL REPORT FORM
    5. USA Insurance Enrollment Form HSR
    6. USA Insurance Benefits Overview HSR

4. Can our BSM group travel after midnight or before 5am?
No. It is imperative that you understand that under NO circumstances should ANY BSM group travel between the hours of 11:55 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless a professional driver has been hired (i.e. chartered bus). This is a serious liability issue and you must abide by this policy - no exceptions.

5. Are there rules related to 15 Passenger Vans?
Yes, see 15 Passenger Van Guidelines.

6. What should I know when renting/borrowing a van?
    1. Take the full insurance coverage. (See #7.1)
    2. If borrowing a van, verify the insurance coverage. (See #7.2)
    3. Purchase van collision insurance for all 15-passenger vans. 
    4. Be sure to read the 15 Passenger Van Guidelines document and the GuideOne Center for Risk Management 15 Passenger Van Page.
    7. Clarification about insurance for rented & borrowed vehicles
    1. When renting a vehicle, please always take the full insurance coverage. The BGCT Rental Car Insurance Card that we hand out at the July meeting covers only employees. Thus, if you have a Campus Missionary, a student, or a volunteer to drive a rented van, that insurance would not cover them. In addition, even if you (the Director) are the sole driver, the limits of liability are limited with that policy. So, when you are at the rental counter to rent a vehicle, please take the full coverage. Make sure it is full coverage for the vehicle. This is usually called CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) or LDW (Loss Damage Waiver). These products will usually take care of any damage to the vehicle. Please take the SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) that will cover up to $1,000,000 in claims if you are at fault in an accident. The people in the vehicle are covered by the Lone Star Benefits policy you take out on each trip. Costs of both the vehicle coverage and the Lone Star Benefits policy should included in the overall cost of the trip and covered by the students participating. 
    2. If you borrow a vehicle, here are the questions you should ask: 
      1. Are we covered by the owner's insurance?
      2. Who is the insurance company? 
      3. What are the limits of liability? 
      4. What information do you need from us to give to your insurance company? 
      5. If the liability limits are low (less than $100,000 / $300,000 / $100,000) or you are not covered on the policy, do not borrow the vehicle. 
    3. An additional way you may be insured. If you pay for the rental with a credit card, there may be limited coverage available through the credit card company. These coverages vary greatly. So, before you depend on this coverage, please contact your credit card company and ask for the details of the coverage.

    8. What should I do prior to the trip?
    1. Take out insurance with HSR
    2. Get every trip participant to fill out a medical information form
    3. Copy all drivers licenses of those driving
    9. What should I do in case of an accident or injury?
    1. Take care of the emergency....go to the emergency room or urgent care center if needed. If there is any doubt, go to the hospital. 
    2. Call your Regional Coordinator or Bruce (214-686-3536) or Joyce (214-232-4115) and inform them of the accident and the student's condition (even if it's in the middle of the night or holiday). 
    3. Talk to the parents of the student. Let them know of the insurance situation. 
    4. Provide claim forms for the student. 
    5. Follow through over the next several months to make sure forms are filed in a timely manner and that student/parents receive any money owed to them.

    10. I'm looking for Mission Trip forms. Where are they?
    All mission trip forms and information are housed at (password is “harvest”).

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