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Insurance Related

1. What's the easier to remember URL for this page?

2. Have further questions after reading below? 
Contact your Supervisor or the Collegiate Ministry Office at 214-828-5250 /

3. Looking for BSM Event & Travel Insurance information?

4. Who should I ask about Medical / Health Insurance?
Contact BGCT HR at 214-828-5327 /

5. Who should I ask about Teladoc?  

Contact BGCT HR at 214-828-5327 /

6. Someone asked us for a certificate of insurance. How do I get that? 
The Certificate of Insurance (COI) form is used to request insurance for a BSM sponsored event when there is a contract involved requiring additional liability insurance. Email this form to Cindy Zoller with a copy of the contract* and she will process it with our accounting office and return the certificate to you. It usually takes 2 weeks to get this to you, so please plan accordingly. (* The contract must show Baptist General Convention of Texas as the group name so for example, instead of showing XYZ BSM, please put Baptist General Convention of Texas – XYZ BSM. Also remember, it must state in the contract that the additional liability insurance is required.)

7. Who is covered by the BGCT Rental Car Insurance Card?.
The BGCT Rental Car Insurance Card that we hand out at the July meeting covers only employees. Thus, if you have a Campus Missionary, a student, or a volunteer to drive a rented van, that insurance would not cover them. In addition, even if you (the Director) are the sole driver, the limits of liability are limited with that policy. So, when you are at the rental counter to rent a vehicle, please take the full coverage. Make sure it is full coverage for the vehicle. For more indepth information about insurance coverage and what you should get see #6 and #7.  Need the card? Contactus the Collegiate Ministry Office at 214-828-5250 / and we'll send it to you. 

7. I'm looking for Mission Trip forms. Where are they?
All mission trip information is housed on the Go Now website. Click here for Insurance Forms for BSM Mission Trips
or go to (password is “harvest”).  

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