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Annual Report

Once a year we gather information from you that helps us paint the big picture of what you are doing to minister to college students across Texas. We gather the information so that people who help resource our ministry statewide and in your local area can see the difference we are making in student lives. Responding to this report helps us help you. So, whether you are convention salaried, locally salaried, or a volunteer on the campus, this report is important as we seek to find resources for the BSM on your campus so that we may reach more college students for Christ.

This Year's Annual Report

01. When is the Annual Report due? 
The last business day of May.  Please do everything possible to meet this deadline. We cannot complete the statewide report until all reports are submitted. We face an early June deadline for submitting this information to LifeWay for a national report. And, yes, please submit your May Monthly Update in addition to your Annual Report.

02. What dates does the Annual Report cover?
June 1 through May 31 (except for missions - see special note at the beginning of that section for those dates).

03. Do you need an Annual Report from each staff member?
No, we only need one report per campus (i.e. on campuses with a Director and an Associate, Intern or Campus Missionary, only the Director or Associate needs to submit the report).

04. I serve on two campuses. What do I do?
We need one report per campus. If you have two campuses, please complete two reports. If your budget is not divided, please put the budget information on only one report and enter 0 on the second report. We will make a note manually on the other campus when we are formatting the written report.

05. This is my first semester. I don't know what to enter.
If this is your first semester at a campus, do the best you can this time and keep track of info for the next.

06. I'm a Part Time / Volunteer Director. Do I have to submit an Annual Report? 
Yes, please. We do not have a complete picture of all the students' lives that are being changed around the state without the information from your campus. So, please answer all the questions possible. We know you will not have something to put in every blank of this report. After all, you are doing BSM part-time. However, all the work you do is very important. If you come to a question that requires an answer, simply put 0 in the blank so the report will let you move on to the next question. We would ask that you at least fill in the Evangelism section as well as the general information section at the end of the report that asks for BSM involvement and Budget information. We've created an abbreviated report for you. It's Here are the Questions You'll Be Asked. The Survey Monkey estimator says it will take ~6 minutes to complete.

07. This year's report
Once we have all the campus reports and have a chance to format the complete report, we will notify you via BSM Connect that it is available in a PDF format. And we'll post it below. You will be able to view the reports for every campus as well as a summary report for the entire state. You may also want to print your campus pages and the state summary page to give to the people who help support your ministry locally.

If you are looking for an annual report or national collegiate ministry report prior to the ones listed above, contact us at or 214-828-5250 and we'll send it to you.

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