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05 Biblical Communicator / Word Gift

The BSM Director must exercise spiritual leadership by communicating truth from Scripture. Every BSM Director will find various ways to communicate with students through Scripture and personal experience to demonstrate how God is leading the group. The goal is to position the BSM Director as a spiritual leader who clearly communicates Biblical Truth.

Biblical Basis

The Givens

  • Pace Setter - Create an environment of high priority for Biblical truth through all areas of BSM. The Bible is our guide!
  • Spiritual Focus - Teach students to apply Biblical truth.
  • Equipping - Train students to study the Bible personally.
  • Incarnational - Exercise a "Word Gift" before students. Speak the scriptures into students lives.


  1. Tasks for New Workers
  2. Reading
  3. Baptist Faith & Message
  4. BaptistWay Press Teacher Helps
  5. Denison Forum on Truth & Culture, by Dr. James Denison, is an excellent resource for answering contemporary issues with Biblical Truth. This is an excellent addition to your tool belt as you lead Christian students in sharing the Hope of Christ! Also, this serves as a resource for non - believers who desire to find answers to their questions about God.
  6. Free verse by verse Bible study from Dr. Bob Utley, retired ETBU Professor of Hermeneutics
  7. Lectio Divina - Reading with the Head and Heart by Shawn Shannon
  8. Media
    1. Igniter Media. Video resources and media clips for use in worship and Bible study.
    2. Wordle. A really cool site to come up with some unique ways of expressing yourself and your ministry. It’s a word cloud generator. They can be saved as jpegs. (Hint: use a word multiple times in order to make it larger).
  9. Old Testament & New Testament Class Lectures
  10. Preparation by Cody Shouse
  11. Principles of Good Communication by Nick Howard

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