There is a lot to know and do as a BSM staff member, so we've created this site to help answer the most frequently asked questions, provide information about things you need to know, and offer resources for your ministry to college students. This site is designed to help you understand the things that are unique to our work and enable you to serve more effectively in what you do best: ministering to students. Feel free to contact us at 214-828-5250 if you can’t find the answer here (try the search box in the top right first). 
Your MONTHLY UPDATE is due by the last business day of the month (this Friday). Links and info at Don't forget that your Monthly Update is a multi-step process. For everyone, step 1 is your update report and step 2 is your contact report, and for Directors, step 3 is to send your monthly financial statement to your Supervisor.
GO NOW MISSIONS COMMISSIONING SERVICE. Please join us for our 2017 Go Now Missions Commissioning Service Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 2pmHere's the invitation with more details.
[un]Apologetic CORPUS CHRISTI is May 5-6, 2017 at FBC Corpus Christi.
Click here for more conference information, details & online registration.
TEXAS FRESHMEN CONTACT INFO. We are gearing up for another season of Please go to the "Find A BSM" page and make sure your BSMs info (name, phone, email, website, Facebook, Twitter) is correct. If anything needs to be corrected email


04/29 - Ben Edfeldt - Midwestern State BSM


April 28-30
BGCT Congreso

April 28  
Monthly Update due

May 19-21
Go Now Orientation

May 21
Go Now Commissioning Service

May 31
Monthly Update due

May 31
Annual Report due

See the full TX BSM Staff calendar here

Texas BSM Staff