There is a lot to know and do as a BSM staff member, so we've created this site to help answer the most frequently asked questions, provide information about things you need to know, and offer resources for your ministry to college students. This site is designed to help you understand the things that are unique to our work and enable you to serve more effectively in what you do best: ministering to students. Feel free to contact us at 214-828-5250 if you can’t find the answer here (try the search box in the top right first). 

Luke 10:2 it!  Praying for CMI candidates who will apply by March 30 and go to interview weekend April 12-14.
BOUNCE Collegiate Staff Intern Positions. College Students and Campus Missionary Interns interested in joining the BOUNCE Collegiate Staff to assist in mobilizing Middle School, High School, and College Students for the purpose of Long-Term Disaster Recovery and Church Planting
consider applying for BOUNCE Collegiate Staff.
  • Paid Summer Positions
  • All Expenses Paid
  • Paid Week Off
  • Great Ministry Experience
As a member of BOUNCE Collegiate Staff, you will travel as a part of the 4-person team to assist BOUNCE Coordinators in the implementation of 6 missions throughout the summer. Length of service is approximately 8 weeks. Training and preparation begins June 3. Some 1-day training experiences may be required in the spring.

  • Administrative Mission Specialist (AMS): Member of BOUNCE Collegiate Staff responsible for administrative tasks related to the mission. Manages the BOUNCE office and assists the Mission Coordinator (MC) with communication with participating groups.
  • Audio/Visual Specialist (AVS): Member of BOUNCE Collegiate Staff responsible for operating sound, as well as shooting and editing video footage used in BOUNCE worship experiences.
  • Communication & Missions Specialist (CMS): Member of BOUNCE Collegiate Staff responsible for media communications throughout the mission week. The CMS also promotes mission/ministry opportunities for students.
  • Worship Leader (WL): Member of BOUNCE Collegiate Staff responsible worship music leadership. Works with Mission Coordinator (MC) and BOUNCE Worship Speaker (WS) to plan and implement worship experiences at BOUNCE.
For detailed job descriptions, list of qualifications, and applications, contact David Scott at or call 214-828-5123.
Go Now Missions
For BGCT Employees
For those with Ministry Assistants that turn in a timesheet, the last day for PAYROLL TIME SUBMISSION is 12/17.
ALL PTO FOR 2018 MUST BE ENTERED INTO PAYCOM by Monday, 12/17. This means you need to anticipate when you'll be off between 12/17 and 12/31 and put it in there.
DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PTO DAYS YOU HAVE A YEAR? We accrue PTO every paycheck. Paycom will show you how many hours you accrue every pay period. That amount increases every year (on your date of hire, not the calendar year) until you reach 10 years with BGCT at which point you will accrue the max. Read the full PTO policy on page 129 of the BGCT policy manual.

Annual PTO Accrual Chart for Regular Full-Time Employees
Less than 5 years - 136 hours (17 days) 11.33
5 years - 176 hours (22 days) 14.67
6 years - 184 hours (23 days) 15.33
7 years - 192 hours (24 days) 16.00
8 years - 200 hours (25 days) 16.67
9 years - 208 hours (26 days) 17.33
10+ years - 216 hours (27 days) 18.00

Annual PTO Accrual Chart for Regular Part-Time Employees
0-2 Years - 16 hours (2 days) 1.33
2 Years - 40 hours (5 days) 3.33
3 Years - 48 hours (6 days) 4.00
4 Years - 56 hours (7 days) 4.67
5 Years - 64 hours (8 days) 5.33
6 Years - 72 hours (9 days) 6.0
7+ Years - 80 hours (10 days) 6.67
12/11 - Cherish Mason - UNT BSM
12/12 - Debra Clark - Grayson College BSM
12/12 - Megan Jarvis - Tarleton BSM
12/13 - Mika Sumpter - TWU BSM
12/13 - Kaitlin Samples - UT Tyler BSM
12/16 - Stephanie Gates - UNT BSM
12/17 - Charley Ramsey - Baylor BSM
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