Speciality show with attribution of the CAC for staffordshire bull terriers, american staffordshire terriers, bull terriers and miniature bull terriers! 

31.05.2019 friday, show starts at 14:00

Vanamõisa Vabaõhukeskus, Harjumaa


Organizer: Estonian Society of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers

In same weekend is held international show "Estonian Winner" and many other group and speciality shows! More info from EKU page.



Geoff Blyth “Bustabones” kennel, Australia

I have successfully bred and exhibited Staffordshire Bull Terriers under the Bustabones Prefix with my wife Justine for some 30+ years. We are breeders of All Breeds and Specialty Best In Show winners, as well as Royal Best In Group winning Staffordshire Bull Terriers – including the prestigious 2018 Sydney Royal. We have made up well over 30 Champions and 6 Grand Champions and 7 Supreme Champion (to date). We have bred Champions in 3 countries and our Stud Dogs have sired Champions also in 3 countries. We have twice owned and bred the Winner Of Tasmania’s Contest Of Champions, which is invitation only, for the top 32 dogs All Breeds. SupCh Bustabones Adifrnt Shadeowhite and his son SupCh Bustabones Wot Do Monsters Eat – being the only Staffords to have ever won the event and only 2 of 3 Terriers.. We have also at least three times been the top Terrier breeder in Australia.

We added a French Bull Dog to our Show team, he easily gained his Supreme Championship title and is a Multiple All Breeds Best In Show winner and the biggest winner for the breed in my home state of Tasmania. I have also, with my wife Justine, campaigned several Boxers, Welsh Corgi (Pembroke), Pointers and Shar Pei to their titles and several of these to Best In Show and Grand Champion status. I have also owned Golden Retrievers and grew up with Cocker Spaniels.

I have judged Breed Specialties for Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Queensland and Newcastle Australia as well as New Zealand and Brazil. I have also been fortunate to have judged Breed Specialties for American Staffordshire Terriers and Border Terriers as well as Group Specialties for Terriers and Gundogs. In 2014 I had the honour to judge the Tenterfield Terrier National in Western Australia. I have also judged on the panel to adjudicate the Top Dog and Top Puppy in Victoria I am a licensed ANKC and FCI All Breeds Judge. I am able to award CC’s to All Breeds and award Best In Show. I have judged in all States and Territories of Australia, both Islands of New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, China and India.

I am the Vice President of Dogs Tasmania and am the past Terrier Coordinator for The Judges Training Scheme in Tasmania. I am a past President of The Tasmanian Kennel Club – Australia’s oldest Kennel Club. I was the founding President, past Secretary and Treasurer of The Sporting Terrier Club Of Tasmania. I have also served as Committee member of the Royal National Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

Geoff Blyth


NB! The Organising Committee has the right to make judge changes if necessary!


  • INFO ! +372 5392 1439
  • e-mail: esbttu@gmail.com



  • All dogs participating the show must be tattoed or micro-chipped!
  • All dogs must have a valid certificate of vaccination against canine distemper, infective hepatitis and parvovirus infection and rabies. EKU vaccination requirements
  • Dogs whose date of birth is 1st August 2013 or later and whose ears have been cropped and/or tails docked may not take part in shows listed in the calendar of Estonian Kennel Union!



Baby class  -  4 – 6 months, Best of Breed Baby will be chosen

Puppy class  -  6 – 9 months, Best of Breed Puppy will be chosen

Junior class  -  9 – 18 months, don’t compete for CAC. Compete for Junior CAC, BOB junior and BOB

Intermediate class  -  15 – 24 months, compete for CAC and BOB

Open class  -   dogs from 15 months, compete for CAC and BOB

Champion class  -  dogs from 15 months, compete for CAC and BOB. Certificate of the title required for registration (must be attached to the entry form)

Veteran class  -   dogs from 8 years, don’t compete for CAC. Compete for Veteran CAC, BOB veteran and BOB

Progeny class  -  3-5 offsprings of a stud dog or brood bitch. All the offsprings must come from at least two different combinatons of stud and bitch and must recieve at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed progeny class will be chosen

Breeders class  -  3-5 dogs of the same breeder. Dogs must come from at least two different combinations of stud and bitch and must recieve at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed breeders class will be chosen

Braces  -  a male and female dog of the same owner who must recieve at least VG (very good) at this show. Best of Breed brace will be choosen